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Well that was quick

Fliu March 31, 2016 User blog:Fliu

It appears that none of the Straw Hats nor their allies will have to fight Jack and his fleet after all. So that means no Luffy or Zoro versus Jack scenario and no long battle. In the end, the giant elephant did all the work (with Momonosuke giving the order). Oh well, I'm glad we don't have to wait several months for Luffy and his allies to get on with their missions. Anyway, it's nice that Luffy does not have to defeat the arc's main antagonist outright this time and serves Jack right for being too greedy. I hope Jack rots in Davy Jones Locker. However, it's not like Oda to just kill off anyone so Jack could survive by hanging onto some wreckage so it's still possible for a confrontation in the future.

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