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Typical Straw Hat moments

Fliu April 21, 2016 User blog:Fliu

Wow, a new arc just started and Luffy's group is already having one of your typical Straw Hat moments. Well Nami, if you weren't going to charge your group money for food, then Luffy would not have made such a huge mess. Jeez, she really needs to know when to put her greedy nature aside or it would end up causing more harm than good. Honestly, Nami, Brook, and Chopper have been with Luffy long enough to have known that he cannot be trusted with food. If they couldn't do a simple job in keeping their food supply in check, then that's all the more reason to believe that the Sanji rescue operation would not go quietly. So once they arrive at Whole Cake Island, they will be presented with two choices: fight or run away. If Nami, Chopper, and Brook are going to cower, I hope they won't cower too long before getting their act together and I hope they won't show the same moment of weakness that Usopp displayed at the underground trade port at Dressrosa.

And it turns out that Sanji's bride-to-be is actually pretty, so of course Sanji is going to be lovestruck. The question is how much will that comprise the rescue operation.

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