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Other than the Big Mom assassination operation, another thing I would like to discuss is what the Vinsmoke Family is going to do next. I am curious on how Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are going to respond to Sanji rescuing them. Even though they have no emotions, I’m sure they have their pride and they’ll probably say something like they rather die at Big Mom’s hands than be indebted to the “failure” of the family. Judge would probably take a moment to process all that’s happened, considering that not only all his efforts in searching for Sanji and blackmailing him into the marriage were all for nothing, but he also ended up being saved by the very son he disowned.

Assuming that the Charlotte Family and the Big Mom Pirates will still be incapacitated by Big Mom’s scream, the logical thing for the Vinsmoke Family to do is to go into the escape mirror Caesar prepared. Inside the mirror world, they can put on their raid suits and think about their next move. The fact that the entire Germa Kingdom is right next to Whole Cake Island still puts the Vinsmokes in a tough spot. Likely, Judge will begrudgingly work with the Luffy and Bege alliance in order to survive. Whether or not Bege’s initial assassination attempt on Big Mom succeeds, Judge surely would not go against the full force of the Big Mom Pirates without his Germa soldiers backing him up. However, he and his children will have to return to the Germa Kingdom first before they can attempt escaping from Totto Land.

Considering how nice Sanji is, he surely won’t leave Pudding behind with her not-so-nice family. If Sanji does take Pudding with them, Judge will decide to take Pudding hostage, and it would be beneficial even though Judge may not be aware of the significance of her third eye. However, if Judge harms Pudding, that will cause further friction between him and Sanji. I am hoping for a moment where Sanji fights with his father and brothers. Sanji still needs to make Niji pay for what he did to Cosette after all.

If Big Mom dies, Judge may decide to take revenge on her family and crew for wronging him. If Big Mom doesn’t die, then Judge will focus on escaping and fighting his way out of Totto Land. Since Judge went to Totto Land, expecting to seal an alliance and completely ignorant of Big Mom’s plans for him, I doubt he has any special weapons prepared to fight against a Yonko. Otherwise, he wouldn’t need a Yonko’s support to conquer the North Blue.