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I seriously despise Big Mom. I am curious about the giants’ reason for hating her, but it’s already clear that she’s not a likeable person. She has an ugly personality and she is a self-entitled barbarian who easily throws fits of destructive rage if things don’t go her way. Considering her capacity for cruelty, it is reasonable to believe that she must have done something to upset the giants or they simply just hate her guts.

I am rooting for Bege and Luffy in their upcoming endeavor to take down Big Mom. Bege seems confident about his plan, but Law also had a plan to defeat Doflamingo and we saw how that turned out. Even though Law did his best, Luffy was the one to take down Doflamingo in the end. However, unlike Law, Bege also has the assistance of Jinbe and Caesar, but since Luffy is the main character, it would likely have to be him to deal the finishing blow to Big Mom.

How Bege and Luffy would defeat Big Mom may be uncertain at this point, but one thing is certain is that Big Mom will be very, very mad. I can think of several ways in which Big Mom could vent her rage if she’s left alive. She could punish and kill some of her children (like Opera) for their failures or she could go on a mindless rampage and kill any innocent civilian who is unfortunate to be in her path. She could also target her anger on anyone who assisted her enemies in any way (such as Pound). Since Jinbe allied with them, Fishman Island could also be in danger. Another way she could take revenge for the Straw Hats’ insolence is by sending her subordinates to the Straw Hats’ hometowns and massacre all their friends and loved ones.

I don’t know how Bege’s assassination plan would work out, but it just got to work. Big Mom is too dangerous to be left to her own devices. Big Mom has to go so her children will be free of her, Pound and Lola will be safe, and all the Straw Hats’ friends and loved ones will not be targeted by her.

Since this arc has some references to fairy tales, I thought of some amusing ways for Big Mom to go down: shoving her into a giant oven and cooking her alive like with the gingerbread witch; or pour acid on her and make her melt just like when the wicked witch of the west melted after pouring water on her. However, there’s still that bomb that was planted in the Tamatebako. If the bomb helps even in the slightest, then the Minister of the Right from Fishman Island deserves a metal.