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So, it is confirmed that Lola is one of Big Mom’s children after all. I guess this changes everything, or does it. Lola was confident that her mother would help the Straw Hats if they needed it. But this is Big Mom we’re talking about. I’m pretty sure you don’t need to be reminded that she’s a monster who would destroy a country for candy and we all saw that she has no qualms killing people just to gather ingredients for a wedding cake. Even Sanji’s father doesn’t think highly of her.

So here’s the big question: will the revelation about Lola being Big Mom’s daughter help Luffy’s team at all?

Is Big Mom really going to be indebted to Luffy for helping Lola at Thriller Bark? I will be surprised if it would be that easy. Lola did run away from her family to search for a husband of her own after all. So wouldn’t this be considered an act of betrayal? Big Mom doesn’t even seem torned up for what she did to her sixteenth son so why would she care about a daughter who ran away from her.

If worse comes to worst, Luffy better be prepared to throw some Gear Fourth punches. There could be a weakness to Big Mom’s ability to take away a person’s lifespan. During the scene with Charlotte Moscato, a man told him not to show fear lest he would lose his life span. I’m not too worried about Luffy since he’s well known for being the fearless type. I’m much more concerned for Nami and Chopper since they’re easily frightened. I’m not sure how it will affect Brook since he’s already “dead”. If a fight with Big Mom is going to happen, I think the Sanji retrieval team is at a disadvantage considering that Big Mom is aware of their movements. Anything can go at this point in the story. In the worst case scenario, rescuing Sanji would be difficult without the assistance of Law, Zoro, Franky, and Robin. Usopp can be happy that he gets to sit this one out.

In any case, Luffy’s team does have a use for the vivre card Lola gave to Nami. At least they will be able to find Big Mom. It is their best chance of finding Sanji.

Who knows what kind of plans Oda have for this arc. Maybe, he’ll come up with another unexpected resolution just like with Jack’s downfall during the Zou Arc.