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One thing I couldn’t stop thinking about is how completely ignorant Lola is of what kind of person her mother is. All these years after the Thriller Bark Arc, I was under the impression that Lola’s mother is a good and generous person and not the ugly she-ogre that is Big Mom. It’s understandable when Nami said she never thought that Big Mom would be the very same person that Lola spoke fondly of. It’s like Lola never even saw Big Mom’s bad side. Maybe none of the Charlotte children disobeyed Big Mom until Lola’s arranged marriage or maybe Big Mom did not kill any of her children before Moscato.

So when Lola first talked about her mother, should she have told the Straw Hats who her mother was? Or should any of the Straw Hats at least ask Lola about her mother’s identity? It would be beneficial to know more about the person who was supposed to lend the Straw Hats a hand. That conversation at Fishman Island could have gone differently. Luffy, Zoro, or Sanji would have mentioned Lola and Big Mom would have revealed her hatred for her back then. I think it would be nice to know the extent of their relationship before that long dragged-out Dressrosa Arc. I feel sorry for Chiffon that she had to suffer for Lola’s disobedience, but it’s good that she only hates Big Mom and holds no grudge against Lola. As for Lola, it’s very fortunate for her that the world is a big place even for a Yonko. If the Straw Hats and Lola ever meet again, Nami will have to tell Lola everything. Lola needs to know the truth even if it hurts.