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In stating the obvious, Bege’s assassination attempt was a complete failure. If they only had 3 KX Launchers, then it’s safe to assume that the KX Launcher plan is a complete bust. It wasn’t smart of Bege to use all three of them at once. He should only start with one to see how it goes. It pains me to say this, but Pekoms was right. Bege has been underestimating Big Mom and now the alliance is going to have to suffer for it. Unless Bege’s fortress has powerful defenses, the alliance will still be sitting ducks unless Bege could fly away.

While things look grim, it may not be completely hopeless. Right now, Luffy and Bege’s best chance to get out of this predicament would be to join forces with Germa 66. Hopefully, Judge can summon his army and since now is a good time for Judge and the Vinsmoke children to fully display their fighting capabilities, they better live up to the hype.

While the chances of Big Mom going down appear to be more and more slim, I’m still going to hold on to the hope that Luffy and Bege would succeed somehow. I know there were times when Luffy did not defeat the main antagonist in the end like in the Loguetown, Impel Down, and Marineford arcs, but Big Mom is not an enemy that Luffy could just run away from, considering that she has the capability to threaten all those the Straw Hats cared about, unless Big Mom remains fixated on taking her rage on the Straw Hats alone. If Bege doesn’t make it out, then hopefully Chiffon and Pez would survive and escape Totto Land.

I’m going to remain optimistic and believe in the Straw Hats’ plot armor. The Straw Hats always manage to pull through no matter how tough things get.

Here are some ideas that could turn things into the Straw Hats’ favor but may be a bit of a stretch:

  • Reiju’s Poison Pink ability could play a role in fighting Big Mom. Who says that she could only suck poison out of a person’s body?
  • Big Mom developing a craving sickness and endanger her own crew and children.
  • If Big Mom doesn’t go down but the alliance successfully escapes Totto Land, Big Mom opens the Fishman Island treasure box to get her mind off the troubles Luffy caused and it explodes in her face. Big Mom will then have a complete mental breakdown from all the rage that builds up inside of her.
  • Nekomamushi arriving at Whole Cake Island with the Whitebeard Pirates. This may be unlikely, but I think it would be a good time for Marco and the other division commanders to reintroduce themselves.