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As expected, not everything in Bege’s plan went exactly as planned. I can’t say I’m surprised that there were some complications. One of those complications is in the form of Katakuri and Big Mom did not start screaming earlier because Luffy went overboard by ruining the wedding cake. Despite some setbacks, the Retrieval Team-Fire Tank Alliance successfully reached the critical point of the Big Mom assassination operation and Bege, Vito, and Gotty are about to fire their KX Launchers at Big Mom. However, I have an uneasy feeling that it’s not going to end the way Bege hoped it would.

Here are the possible ways that Bege’s plan could still go downhill:

  • Katakuri uses his mochi powers to create earplugs for himself and stop Bege, Vito, and Gotty by restraining them like he did to Luffy or by using his mochi to disable their KX Launchers.
  • Assuming that Katakuri prevents himself from being immobilized and that Bege and his two crewmates do manage to fire their KX Launchers first, Katakuri could create a mochi wall to shield Big Mom from the poison rockets.
  • Assuming that Katakuri is unable to stop Bege at all and he and his two crewmates successfully hit Big Mom with the KX Launchers. However, everything still turns to despair if it turns out that Big Mom is completely immune to poison.
  • Assuming that Big Mom is hit by the KX Launchers and the poison does affect her, it is not killing her quickly enough.

The top three would definitely throw a complete monkey wrench in Bege’s plan. Let’s hope that Katakuri will be immobilized like his allies and that the KX Launchers will have a negative effect on Big Mom. If worst comes to worst and that Luffy will have to fight Big Mom, Luffy will need some advantage. Besides, since Caesar has his pride as a genius scientist, it will be a huge shame if he made the KX Launchers for nothing.

In any case, I do hope that Big Mom ends up dead or at least, severely crippled to the point that she can’t do anything anymore. There’s no going back from ruining the tea party and it would be the Straw Hats’ best interest to ensure that Big Mom would not be able to seek retribution for their actions. Otherwise, it would be an incredible stroke of luck if Big Mom does not consider going after their friends and loved ones as a means of revenge.