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Monkey D. Flora sets sail for Drum Island where the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates lives. As Flora relaxes in her bedroom while her Yuda pulls the ship, she looks outside the window and sees snow falling. She goes to the deck and finds it covered in snow.

Flora: wow, snow is falling. This means I’m not too far away.

Not feeling the cold at first, Flora only wears a green dress. She passes up the time by making snow figures while her snake remains below deck. Some time later when Flora looks at the horizon, she sees an island covered in snow and features a series of drum shaped mountains.

Flora: that must be Drum Island! [with a joyful face] Look at all the snow, it’s a snow island. Wow, it’s so white. It’s so beautiful. And look at all the snow mountains.

Flora’s ship travels through the same river the Going Merry went to many years ago. Before she docks her ship at the end of the river inside the island, she realizes something.

Flora: AAAAAAHHHHHH! IT’S COOOOOOLD!!!! [She quickly runs back to her room and grabs a coat that Nami bought for her back at Cocoyasi Village.] Whew. This is so comfortable. But Nami did tell me something back in East Blue.


Nami: Listen Flora, this is what you should wear during your visit to Drum Island. And remember, if you ruin this coat, you will have to pay me back three times the original price.

Present Time:

The Yuda reaches the end of the river and stops. Flora tucks her snake into her coat. Before she sets foot on the island, she is met by some guards.

Guard: Hold it! State your business!

Flora: I am just a traveler.

Guard: are you alone?

Flora: yes

Guard: what is this giant creature? [referring to the Yuda]

Flora: he just tows my ship. Don’t worry, he’s harmless.

The guards see that Flora’s ship doesn’t have a jolly roger so they see that she’s not a pirate. They allow her to pass. One of the guards tells her that if she meets a hiking bear, bows to it to show proper manners. Flora then walks to Big Horn. On the way, she comes across a hiking bear. She follows the guard’s advice and bows. The hiking bear bows back and walks by. Once Flora arrives at Big Horn, she sees a white walkie (snow hippo). Flora approaches it and touches it as if it’s in a petting zoo.

Flora: hee hee hee. This thing is so furry.

Dalton: hello there, I see you met my friend here.

Flora: oh this is yours, I’m so sorry.

Dalton: don’t worry about it. Are you a visitor? I’m pretty sure I never seen you before.

Flora: yes, I’m a visitor and I have a question. Which of these snow mountains does the witch doctor lives on?

Dalton: you mean Dr. Kureha? She lives in the castle on top of that Drum Rockie. You can get up there with a Drum Trolley.

Flora thanks Dalton for the info and runs off to find Dr. Kureha, thinking that Chopper is with her. Before she goes to the Drum Trolley, she has gotten curious about the Lapahns she heard about from her dad. So Flora goes to the same path that her father and Sanji used before. She soon encounters the Lapahns. Having become peaceful creatures, the Lapahns did not attack her.

Flora: whooo, they really are large white bunnies. [a baby Lapahn approaches Flora] aaaaw, it’s so cute. [Flora pets the Lapahn.]

After Flora is done, she goes to the Drum Trolley. Once she reaches the top of the Drum Rockie, she takes a moment to look at the castle, which has become a medical institute. She is puzzled seeing what appears to be a pirate flag on top of the building. She also sees a statue of an old man in front of the castle and reads the name inscribed on it: Hiluluk. The significance of the person is explained on a tablet next to the statue. She then enters the castle and looks for Dr. Kureha, the headmistress. Flora finds her in her office.

Flora: pardon me, are you the one they call Dr. Kureha?

Kureha: yeah, that’s me. Are you here to learn the secret of my youth?

Flora: actually I’m looking for someone. And did you say the secret of your youth?

Kureha: that’s right. You want to know about it?

Flora: I don’t understand what you meant by the secret of your youth. I mean you look more elderly than youthful.

Kureha whacks Flora in the head.

Flora: oooooooooow!

Kureha: Hey! I’m not old! I’m 159 and I’m still young and strong!

(note: Kureha was 139 in her debut when Luffy was 17. After the two-year time skip, Kureha would be 141. Luffy was 20 when Flora was born so Kureha would be 142 at the time. Right now, Flora is 17 so Kureha is 159. Whether she can truly live up to this point or not, I’m just including Kureha for the fun of it.)

Flora: you’re strong alright, but isn’t 159 way past old?

Kureha then chases Flora around the castle throwing all kinds of stuff at her.


Flora: AAAAAAAAH! I have no idea that old women in the outside world can be so scary!!

After Kureha finally calms down, she tells Flora that the reindeer she’s looking for isn’t in the castle and gives her directions to where he currently lives.

Flora returns to the Drum Trolley and goes back down to the bottom. She then travels through a forest and finds a herd of reindeers.

Flora: hello, is any of you called Tony Tony Chopper? [the reindeers just stare at her] uh hello, is Tony Tony Chopper here? [The reindeers just walk away.]

Flora: Well, looks like he’s not here.

She continues walking through the forest searching for the Straw Hat doctor’s home. She then spots a lone reindeer wearing clothes and a backpack (this is Chopper in his walk point). Flora follows it and he eventually reaches his home (which is the place Hiluluk used to live in). Flora sees the reindeer goes up on a spiral staircase and once he arrives at the entrance of his house, he transforms and walks on two legs and enters his house. (Chopper transforms to heavy point.) Flora then goes up the staircase and knocks on the door. Chopper (still in heavy point) opens the door.

Chopper: hello there, how may I help you?

Flora: hi, I’m Monkey D. Flora. You know my father, Monkey D. Luffy.

Chopper: [transforms to brain point] eh!? You’re Luffy’s daughter?!

Flora: wooah! You just change shape again! [Flora then touches Chopper in the same manner the Kuja touched Luffy.]

Chopper: Hey! Stop it! Cut it out! [transforms to heavy point] Hey! No touchie!

Flora is only further amazed and continues touching Chopper.

Flora: come on, go back to your reindeer form again. And what happened to your antlers? They were on your head a minute ago.

Chopper: I said enough!

Flora then makes herself comfortable in Chopper’s house. She sits on a couch while Chopper (in brain point) sits on a chair facing Flora. Flora explains which former Straw Hat members she already encountered and also explains that she wants to know more about Chopper.

Flora: I can assure you that Zoro, Usopp, Nami, and Sanji are doing ok. And I want to hear your story. Can you tell me about your past?

Chopper: you want me to talk about my past?

Flora: that’s right. You were not always able to talk and transform, were you?

Chopper: that is correct, I was once a normal reindeer. However, ever since I was born, I have been different.

Flora: what do you mean?

Chopper: Unlike the other reindeers, I was born with a blue nose. Because of that, my own birth parents rejected me and I was always left to walk alone in the back of the herd.

Flora: your fellow reindeers treated you like an outcast just because the color of your nose is different?

Chopper: yes. And one day, I accidentally ate a Devil Fruit called the Hito Hito no Mi, which gave me my transformation abilities. The herd hated me even more and chased me away. The fruit also gave me human intelligence, allowing me to speak and think like humans. I’m no longer an ordinary reindeer, but I wanted a friend. I changed into human form and attempted to befriend the people of Drum Island. But my human form is not perfect because of my blue nose. When I get close to the people, I was immediately met with contempt. They called me a monster and tried to kill me. I had no idea why it was happening. I was trying to make friends and then I was running for my life. I was wounded by gunshots and I laid down dying in the forest. I was then found by a kind-hearted doctor. He took me back to his home, treated my wounds, and gave me food. That was the very first time I felt someone’s kindness. That doctor’s name was Hiluluk.

Flora: I saw a statue of that man in front of the castle.

Chopper: Before I talk more about him, there is an important history that you need to know about.

Flora: is it about this island?

Chopper: yes. Many years ago, this island was once ruled by a tyrant known as Wapol. Some time after he inherited the throne from his father, he took the island’s twenty best doctors for himself and made them work exclusively for him. The twenty doctors became known as the Isshi-20. The rest were exiled. If anyone needed medical treatment, they would have to beg Wapol for it.

Flora: This Wapol sounds like a horrible man. Mom would never do such a thing even before she met dad.

Chopper: Only Doctors Hiluluk and Kureha managed to elude Wapol’s clutches.

Flora: I have just met this Kureha. She’s that scary old lady who claims to be young. To be honest, I never met a doctor like her who chases people around and throws lethal weapons at them. So tell me more about this Hiluluk.

Chopper: He was the first friend I ever have as well as the first person I ever called family. Most of all, he was a great man. After he took me in, he gave me my name, Tony Tony Chopper. He said that my antlers looked like they could chop down trees. He told me not to be angry with humans. It was just that the country and the people’s hearts were sick. Hiluluk believed that a sick country can be cured. He told me this story. [Chopper tells Hiluluk’s tale of a thief who was cured by cherry blossoms.] He taught me one important philosophy: no disease is incurable. [He then shows a drawn picture of Dr. Hiluluk's pirate flag.]

Flora: that’s the flag I saw on the top of the castle.

Chopper: He raised this flag as a challenge to all the diseases in the world.

Flora: so Hiluluk was a pirate?

Chopper: not quite. To him, this flag is a symbol of faith. When he showed me this flag, he declared that he will fight like the pirates do. He then told me about how small this island is compared to the whole world. He told me that when I go out to sea, I will see just how small my problems are. I became Hiluluk’s assistant and during our time together, we went from house to house treating any sick person we found. However, whenever Hiluluk tried to cure a sick person, we ended up getting chased away and running for our lives.

Flora: seems like they were not satisfied with his work. How did the people describe Hiluluk?

Chopper: well, I usually hear them refer to Hiluluk as quack doctor.

Flora: so what kind of medicines that Hiluluk used?

Chopper: It was such a long time ago, I don’t really remember, but I do know that they’re not the medicines I learned.

Flora: ok, so did Hiluluk always treat you nicely?

Chopper: not really. [He talks about the time Hiluluk used him as a decoy and the rustle they had back at Hiluluk’s house.] That was the first time I fought with someone. Hiluluk then gave me this hat as a gift. [Chopper explains the life he had with Hiluluk and the research Hiluluk was conducting to cure the country.] After spending one year with him, my wounds were healed and then he kicked me out of his home.

Flora: he kicked you out?! Why would he do that?

Chopper: He later went to Kureha’s home and spoke with her. I eavesdropped on their conversation. I learned that Hiluluk was suffering a serious illness and he had a few more days to live and he didn’t want me to watch him die. I also learned that Hiluluk was the thief who was saved by the cherry blossoms. Hiluluk also explained to Kureha about his goal to cure the country’s sickness by making cherry blossoms bloom. But before they finished their conversation, I went on a quest to find a cure for Hiluluk. I recalled hearing some villagers saying a certain type of mushroom that can cure every illness. I went back to Hiluluk’s home and took his favorite medical book. Inside the book, I saw a special kind of mushroom called the Amiudake mushroom with skull-and-crossbones prominently displayed in the medical book. Because of Hiluluk's praising of pirates and the jolly roger, I thought that the mushroom was the cure I needed to search for. During my journey to find the mushroom, I ran into the herd that abandoned me and I fought with the herd leader. I managed to acquire the mushroom, but I had many injuries from my fight with the herd leader. I returned to Hiluluk and gave him the mushroom. I told him to live and that I wanted to be a doctor like him. Hiluluk was so happy. He gave me a hug and said that I’ll become a wonderful doctor. He drank a soup with a piece of the mushroom and he said that he was feeling all better. And on that moment, he achieved what he was looking for after his thirty years of research, a way to make cherry blossoms bloom.

Flora: so everything was fine?

Chopper: that’s what I thought. He then left, saying that he had business to take care of. The last thing he ever said to me was that he can guarantee that I’ll become a great doctor. Later Kureha came here, looking for Hiluluk. I panicked at first, but I calmed down when she said that she already heard everything about me. I told her that Hiluluk should be fine and I showed her the mushroom I gave him. And then I learned a horrible truth.

Flora: the mushroom wasn’t a cure at all?

Chopper: yes. I learned from Kureha that the skull-and-crossbones shown in the medical book signifies poison. And Hiluluk knew about it. The reason he took the mushroom was because he was touched by my kindness and so he was going to die in an hour. Kureha then told me that Hiluluk chose Wapol’s castle as a place for him to die. But Hiluluk had a reason for going to Wapol’s castle. Wapol spread a false rumor that the Isshi-20 were seriously sick, but that was a trap to lure out Hiluluk and Kureha. I rushed to the castle to help Hiluluk, but he committed suicide before I could reach him. I tried to attack Wapol for laughing at Hiluluk’s death, but Dalton, who was one of Wapol’s guards at the time, stopped me. He tearfully apologized for those who mocked Hiluluk’s death and begged me not to waste my life away in a fight that I could not win. And then I walked away with Hiluluk’s hat. I went to Kureha and begged her to teach me to be a doctor. She took me as her student and taught me medicine. I have been studying under Kureha’s guidance for six years. Sometime after I became Kureha’s student, this country came under attack by the Blackbeard Pirates.

Flora: one of your arch enemies?

Chopper: the moment Wapol saw how strong they were, he took his cronies and fled like a coward. Dalton, who already rebelled against Wapol, remained on the island. Even though the country was destroyed, the people were freed from Wapol’s rule. Dalton then leads the people and kept the island from falling into disarray. He is the only former royal guard who actually cares about the people. Kureha and I then moved into Wapol’s castle and made our home there. Since Wapol also took the Isshi-20 with him, Kureha was the only doctor left on the island. I worked as Kureha’s assistant. We traveled down from the mountain from time to time, searching for people in need of medical treatment.

Flora: so the castle on top of the snow mountain was once where Wapol resided. Did this Wapol have any kind of powers?

Chopper: he ate the Baku Baku no Mi, which allows him to eat virtually anything.

Flora: so he was the big-mouth man that dad told me about. Dad first met him out at sea before he arrived to this island. The big-mouth man was eating dad’s ship, so dad sent him flying. Dad met him again along the way to the snow mountain when he was carrying Nami and Sanji. The snow bunnies helped dad get away.

Chopper: And I first met Luffy when he climbed all the way to the top of the mountain with his own bare hands while holding two people at the same time. Nami was infected with a kestia bite. [Chopper explains what are kestia.] Luffy had frostbite and Sanji had broken bones. Kureha and I then brought them in the castle to recover. When Luffy and Sanji first saw me after waking up from their rest, they tried to eat me. I first learned that they’re pirates when Luffy was asking Kureha to join his crew. While I was speaking to Nami while she was resting, she asked me to join the crew. I rejected that offer, thinking I could never make friends with humans because I’m a reindeer with a blue nose and can stand on two legs. After Luffy and Sanji learned that I can talk and transform, they wanted me to join the crew as well. But then Wapol and his two henchmen, Chess and Kuromarimo returned to the castle. After seeing Wapol, Luffy wasted no time giving him the first strike.

Flora: dad did tell me about how much he wanted to hit him.

Chopper then explains how Wapol ate his two henchmen and combined them into Chessmarimo.

Chopper: When Wapol tried to shoot down Hiluluk’s flag, Luffy protected it. I was amazed when he lectured Wapol about the meaning of a pirate flag. I was also surprised that Luffy called me his friend. When I fought Chessmarimo, I showed him the Rumble Ball. [Chopper explains what a Rumble Ball is.] I then found Chessmarimo’s weak point and defeated him. However, during the battle, Wapol sneak into the castle and after my fight with Chessmarimo, Luffy quickly went after him.

Flora: and eventually dad sent the big-mouth man flying again.

Chopper: after Wapol was expelled out of the country for good, Luffy continued asking me insistently to join his crew. Initially, I was unwilling to leave and I reminded Luffy that I am not human. But then he said, “Shut up! Let’s go!” Hiluluk once told me that I should go out to sea and knowing that it will broaden my medical horizons, I accepted Luffy’s invitation.

Flora: you know, dad also told me to go out to sea and see the world.


(nine years ago) Luffy: Flora, some day, you have to go out to sea and explore the vast world out there. You’ll find various islands and meet all kinds of people. There is so much to see out there. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Young Flora: daddy, can I start seeing the world tomorrow?

Luffy: No! You’re still too young. Out there, you’ll also find many things more dangerous than just boars, especially pirates, very mean ones that is. Before you can go out to sea, you need to grow a lot stronger first.

Young Flora: fine then! Just you wait! I’ll become a strong Kuja warrior like mommy and Aunt Sandersonia and Aunt Marigold.

Present Time:

Chopper: I then talked to Kureha, telling her that I decided to become a pirate. She acted like she didn’t approve. I told her that I’m a man and she chased me away by throwing all kinds of things at me. After fleeing the castle with Luffy and the others, I saw something spectacular. [Chopper explains Kureha’s farewell gift.] I cried out with great joy seeing Hiluluk’s research came to fruition. I finally set out to sea and the crew threw a big party to celebrate my joining. That was the first time I had so much fun. And in the adventures that followed, I had my own share of dangers.

Chopper then explains his experience on the Sacrificial Altar in Upper Yard.

Chopper: Zoro wanted to meet the god and Robin wanted to explore the ruins. When she pointed out the possibility of finding treasure, Nami decided to go as well. And so I stayed with the Going Merry. Right after Zoro, Robin, and Nami left, I realized that I was the one in most danger. And then one of Enel’s priests appeared and I quickly blew the whistle. [Chopper describes the priest, Shura] I tried to protect the ship, but I couldn’t stop that priest. I was really scared of what he might do. Luckily, the sky knight, Gan Fall, arrived and saved me. Unfortunately, the sky knight was defeated and fell into the water. I jumped in to save to him even though I cannot swim since I’m a Devil Fruit user. After that priest with the lance left, both Gan Fall and I were saved from drowning by a group of giant South Birds. I tended to Gan Fall’s wounds, but when Zoro, Nami, and Robin returned, I was embarrassed to show myself to them since I failed to keep the ship unharmed. Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji later arrived to the altar. I was relieved that none of them were mad at me. From that moment on, I swore that I will become a truly dependable person.

Chopper talks about the search for gold.

Chopper: I volunteered to go with the adventure team just to prove my usefulness. One moment I was with Luffy, Zoro, and Robin searching for gold and in the next moment, we were attacked by a giant python. That was incredibly scary. After running for my life, I found myself all alone. While I lost my way to the city of gold, I was caught in the cross fire between Enel’s enforcers and the Shandians. And what’s worst, I found myself facing against another priest. [Chopper describes Gedatsu and his unusual behaviors.]

Flora: sounds like a very strange man.

Chopper: yeah, but beating that guy was no easy task. [He then describes Gedatsu’s methods of attack and the nature of the Ordeal of Swamp.] At first, I was thinking of running away to save myself, but then I mustered my strength and told myself that I’ll beat him. If I keep running away, everyone will have to protect me and cannot depend on me. [Chopper explains how he knocked Gedatsu headfirst into his own swamp.] That’s when I felt like a real pirate. As that priest was stuck with his legs sticking out, I kept telling him, “don’t get back up, just keep sinking”. When he was moving his legs, I panicked and said, “Don’t get up! Sink! Sink!”. And then … whoosh… he really did sink. After that battle, I became confident on being on my own. So I decided to go ahead to the ruins instead of searching for the others. After I entered the ruins, I realized that I was too full of myself. I encountered a priest with a strange sword. I got wounded and lost consciousness and I later woke up when Luffy rang the golden bell. And as you may already know, we got the gold we wanted and left Skypiea.

Chopper talks about his time as a Foxy Pirate.

Chopper: after Nami, Robin, and Usopp lost the first round of the Davy Back Fight, the Donut Race, Foxy chose me to be his crew member. I cried because I only wanted to sail with the Straw Hats. Zoro then gave me an important lecture, saying that I was responsible for becoming a pirate and that I must act like a man. And so I stopped crying, sit tight, and quietly watch the game.

Flora: then dad got you back after Zoro and Sanji won the second round.

Chopper: yes and it was great to be back and I was even more happy when Luffy won the third round.

(note: the Davy Back Fight was shown differently in the anime, but as usual I’m going with the manga.)

Chopper talks about the sad time at Water 7.

Chopper: it was sad that Usopp said that he quit the Straw Hats, but what’s even more depressing was that when I tried to treat his wounds, he said that we’re no longer nakama and forced me to go back to the ship. After the fight between him and Luffy ended, I wanted to treat Usopp’s injuries, but Sanji said to me that Usopp asked for the battle and helping him would only disgraced him. So I just left Usopp some medical supplies. As for Robin, she suddenly disappeared right after we arrived at Water 7. While we were hiding from the angry citizens after we were falsely accused for an assassination attempt, Sanji and I found Robin. But Robin also said that she’s leaving the crew and that we’re not going to see her again. For a moment, I thought Robin hated us. After our meeting the people who abducted Robin, we learned the truth and all of our doubts had been cleared.

Chopper talks about Sogeking.

Chopper: While riding on the Rocket Man, I met a cool guy. He’s a friend of Usopp. His name is Sogeking.

Flora: don’t you know that Usopp and Sogeking are actually the same person?

Chopper: whaaaaat?! Sogeking was Usopp?! Are you serious?!

Flora: yes, Usopp told me himself.

Chopper talks about the battle in the Tower of Justice from his perspective.

Chopper: While I was searching for a CP9 agent, I found Zoro and Sogeking cuffed to each other while being chased by a giraffe man and a wolf man. Zoro and Sogeking told me to get a number 2 key and they said I was their only hope. While searching for the key, I saved Nami from the clutches of another agent. [He talks about Kumadori.] When we took the fight to the kitchen, I locked him in a giant refrigerator. I then found Franky fighting with one of the CP9 agents. I cursed at Franky for what he did to Usopp, but the most important thing at the time was saving Robin. Franky then asked me to get him cola. At first, I wondered what he needed cola for. [Chopper explains what happens if you don’t give Franky cola.] He acted kind of funny, but that wasn’t the best time for it so I gave him cola. Then Franky acted awesome. Soon after, the agent with the long pink hair broke out of the refrigerator. [Chopper explains about Kumadori’s Life Return technique.]

Flora: really?! There’s a technique that enables you to control your hair at will?!

Chopper: as I was saying, that battle was one of my toughest ever. [Chopper explains the negative side-effects of the Rumble Balls.] Taking a second Rumble Ball within six hours was like a big gamble. I couldn’t properly control my transformations and I had to leave it to chance to get Arm Point. I eventually did but not before I took a lot of damage. I hit him with my strongest attack, but it failed. My body was at its limit and I was going to die. So I did the unthinkable. [Chopper talks about monster point.] I don’t remember what happened after that, but I do know that all CP9 agents in the Tower of Justice were defeated. When I woke up, I was with everyone except Luffy. When the tunnel we were running in flooded with water, we were saved from drowning by a mermaid and that mermaid happened to be Kokoro. While the rest of the crew was fighting the Marines on the Bridge of Hesitation, I couldn’t move due to the Rumble Ball’s side-effect and so I couldn’t do anything. I was finally able to move again after everyone got on the Going Merry after it suddenly appeared. So I was able to steer the ship as we were making our escape.

Chopper talks about Going Merry’s Viking funeral.

Chopper: That was one of the saddest moments of my life. As Going Merry was engulfed in flames, I cried continuously until the funeral ended.

Chopper talks about his first bounty.

Chopper: Because the government perceived me as a mere pet, I received a very low bounty of Beli50. That was a complete outrage. I was a pirate and I fought like a man so I deserved better.

Flora: well, at least you were not the only one who was unhappy.

Chopper then talks about his meeting with Dr. Hogback.

Chopper: The zombies of Thriller Bark were the most frightening things I ever seen. During my time in that scary place, I met a famous doctor known as Hogback. I once idolized him because he was a genius surgeon who was able to treat and cure practically every patient who ever came to him. He saved thousands of lives with his miracle operations. I thought it was a great honor to meet him in person. I even asked him for an autograph and I was happy that he called me Doctor Chopper. But then I learned that he was in cahoots with the zombies. [Chopper describes his confrontation with Hogback.] I loathe Hogback after learning of his disregard for human life and that he only used his medical expertise for fame and wealth. Thus, I no longer consider Hogback a doctor. As for the zombie lady, Cindry, after she heard about my speech about what it means to actually be alive and human, she stopped being Hogback’s puppet. Robin even wondered if a person's will remains even after death. [Chopper finishes off explaining how Hogback tasted defeat (though Hogback survived).]

Chopper talks about the incident at Sabaody Archipelago and his adventure in Torino Kingdom.

Chopper: As I watched my crew mates getting beaten so badly, I became so desperate that I used three Rumble Balls again. I don’t recall what happened next and I don’t know exactly when I was sent flying. I landed in the Torino Kingdom in South Blue. [Chopper describes the island.] When I regained consciousness, I found myself in a big bird’s nest surrounded by giant birds. And once again, I couldn’t move because of the Rumble Balls’ effects. The birds then threw me out of the nest sending me plummeting hundreds of feet below. Luckily, I landed in a soft spot. But when the natives found me, they intend to make dinner out of me. [Chopper describes the natives and talks about the times he had to run for his life.]

Flora: it must be hard for you to be mistaken for food.

Chopper: I had to yell at them many times that I am not food and in the meantime, I learned that the natives and the giant birds had been fighting with each other. When the natives finally learned that I’m not an ordinary animal, they stopped their hostilities towards me. And then they became my friends. Then I spoke with the birds and learned that the conflict they had with the natives was all a big misunderstanding. I convinced them that the natives mean no harm and only wanted the plants that grow on the big tree they live in. And so the natives and the birds get along well.

Flora: then you read a newspaper explaining the war that dad was in.

Chopper: yes, that is correct. I couldn’t believe that Ace actually died especially after meeting him in Alabasta. I was worried about Luffy and wanted to heal his wounds. One of the birds was giving me a ride back to Sabaody Archipelago when I received another newspaper from a news coo and I was shocked at seeing Luffy appearing in Marine HQ again. I got Luffy’s message and returned to Torino Kingdom. I was embarrassed returning to the island sooner than expected so I wore a disguise called Chopper Mask, but the disguise didn’t work so I threw it away. I learned that the island contains a variety of plants used to make medicines and the village library was the perfect place to do my research. One moment, I was thinking back to my earlier days in which I was called a monster and shunned by everyone. Since it was Luffy who finally took me out to sea, I swore that no matter what anyone else thinks of me, I’ll do anything to help Luffy even if it means becoming a real monster. [Chopper explains how he improved in Torino Kingdom.]

Chopper: My adventure with the Straw Hat crew was a journey to define myself. There were times in which I had doubts, but over time I grew more confident in myself. The Straw Hat Pirates are my greatest friends and my role models. I learned of what it means to be a real man from them. The two people I had most fun with are Luffy and Usopp. [Chopper explains what he usually does with Luffy and Usopp such as fooling around and having a good time.] Usopp tells the coolest stories even though I learn that they’re lies later on. Nami is a nice woman, but she’s really frightening when she gets angry. Zoro is one of the coolest people I ever met. [Chopper explains why he idolizes Zoro.] However, my main concern about him was that every time I bandage his wounds that he received from battles, he takes them off before his wounds fully heal. As the crew’s doctor, I had a responsibility to uphold and I will force Zoro to comply with my medical advice if I have to. Sanji is a good person who is there to give me good advice. Franky is the person with all the awesomeness and he can make the most awesome things. [Chopper describes how incredible Franky is.] I am fond of Robin since we both share a taste for reading and we both pursue knowledge, but I pursue knowledge of medicine while she pursue knowledge of history. Brook is a really great musician even though he is a walking talking skeleton. After meeting him, I’m not afraid of skeletons anymore.

Chopper talks about his biggest concern after the Straw Hat reunion.

Chopper: While on the way to Fishman Island, the one thing that required my upmost attention was Sanji’s uncontrollable nose bleeds. Every time he looks at Nami, blood gushed out of his nose making him lose a lot of blood which would be life-threatening if nothing was done about it. To help with Sanji’s condition, I put him through rehabilitation with low intensity photos. When we finally arrived at Fishman Island, Sanji got another serious nose bleed just thinking about the mermaids. Sanji still resolved to see the mermaids even though it might cost him his life. ((after entering Keimi’s house)) After Sanji learned that he was in a place full of mermaids, I was afraid that he was going to lose more blood. But to my amazement, he managed to maintain his composure… at least for the time being. ((at Mermaid Cove)) He was having so much fun swimming with the mermaids, but then he lost control of himself and got a very massive nose bleed and suffered a critical blood loss. His life was in great danger and if we didn’t give him a blood transfusion, he would die soon. That would be a very stupid way to die, don’t you think?

Flora: I think it’s quite interesting.

Chopper: that’s no laughing matter! ((after going to Coral Hill)) No fishmen and merfolk were willing to donate blood to Sanji due to the racial discrimination that was happening at the time. Fortunately, we found two humans with the same blood type as Sanji. Sanji was saved and I was so relieved that he regained consciousness. But he was horrified when he learned that his two blood donors were okamas. After Sanji was able to walk again, he set his sights on seeing the Mermaid Princess. I told him that if the princess is beautiful, seeing her would kill him instantly. ((after Shirahoshi appeared in Coral Hill)) That mermaid was right behind Sanji. I cried and yelled at Sanji to not turn around and look at her. But he was willing to accept death and turned around. And much to my biggest surprise, Sanji turned to stone instead. I guess it was because of the okama blood Sanji received. ((at the Sea Forest)) After Sanji reverted to his normal state, he went back to his old usual self again. And so, Sanji was finally cured of his nosebleeds.

Chopper then talks about the time the crew split up and went on different paths.

Chopper: I had a great adventure and I owe it to Luffy and the rest of the crew. It was so sad that everyone agreed to part ways. Even though I’m no longer a pirate, I am still a doctor. I returned to Drum Island to start my medical career. I learned that this country has been renamed Sakura Kingdom in memory of Dr. Hiruluk and his goal of using the cherry blossoms to cure all diseases of the heart. The ruler of this kingdom is Dalton. Even though Dalton is king, he chose to live among the people instead of living in the castle. The Isshi-20 have been serving the people of the kingdom since Wapol’s defeat. As for Wapol himself, I read about him in a newspaper article. Not only is he still alive, he’s married and he is now president of a big toy company. And according to the article, his business has been very successful and the photo shows that he’s very happy.

Flora: seems like the big-mouth man got a new life.

Chopper: The first thing I did after returning to this island was getting reacquainted with my mentor, Kureha, and sharing my knowledge with her. And as you have already seen, the castle has been remodeled into a medical school. As for me, I decided to make my home in this house, the very place that my surrogate father, Hiluluk, used to live in. Even though everyone in the Straw Hat crew went on different paths, we still write to each other occasionally. After I started living here, I received a letter from Luffy telling me about you. I was greatly shocked once I learned that Luffy and the Pirate Empress conceived a child. Before I met you, I always wondered what you are like.

[Flora’s snake says something.] Chopper: eh? You wish you can talk like me. [Flora’s snake says something again.] Chopper: oh, and you’re envious of me.

Flora: by the way, there is something I almost forgot to tell you. Do you know Zoro lost an arm?


Flora: hee hee hee hee hee hee. Just kidding. Do you really believe everything you’re told?

[Flora’s snake speaks again.] Chopper: You tell me, “Don’t be too gullible”! Flora! DON’T JOKE LIKE THAT AGAIN!!

A moment later, Chopper shows Flora a newspaper concerning Brook. It says that Soul King Brook is going to have a concert in Alubarna in Alabasta Kingdom a week from the current time.

Flora: Alabasta Kingdom? Isn’t that where a princess named Vivi lives?

Chopper: Flora, before you leave, I want to tell you that today is the anniversary of the birth of Sakura Kingdom. Tonight at 10 pm, they will make Hiluluk’s cherry blossoms bloom again.

Flora: really!? I’m definitely going to see it! But first, can you show me all of your transformations?

Chopper: no! I’m sorry to say this, but my transformations are not for show.

Flora: come on. Pleaaaaaaase.

Chopper: no is no. How about let’s go to Gyasta. There are a lot of fun activities to do there such as ice skating.

Flora: okay, I always wanted to try ice skating. But I still want to see your transformations.

Chopper and Flora then leave the house. Chopper transforms to walk point.

Chopper: hop on, I can give you a ride.

Flora: really!? That would be great! [she hops on Chopper’s back and they head for Gyasta.]

Meanwhile, somewhere in the forest near Gyasta, a group of pirates, all disguised in cloaks, is hiding in the shadows looking for someone.

Pirate #1: captain, why couldn’t we just enter the island through the port and why do we have to wear cloaks?

Pirate Captain: are you an idiot!? It will best to hide ourselves until we find that girl with the straw hat. If we draw attention to ourselves now, it will be very difficult to find her. She said that she’s coming to this island and I want to get revenge for what she did to me!

(note: in case you forgot, Dadan gave Flora a straw hat during her visit to Mt. Corvo.)


Before Flora came close to Drum Island, she crosses paths with a pirate ship. While Flora sits on the deck of her ship, the pirate captain spoke with her.

Pirate Captain: Hey there beautiful! What are you doing all by yourself out in the open sea?

Flora: I’m just traveling.

Pirate Captain: Really! Where are you going now?

Flora: Drum Island.

Pirate Captain: I have a better idea. Why don’t you join me on my ship? I promise that we’ll treat you very nicely.

Flora: no thanks. I have somewhere that I need to go.

Pirate Captain: such a shame. But I don’t take “no” for an answer.

The captain launches a trawl net at Flora. Flora quickly draws her sword and cut the net apart. She then jumps onto the pirate ship.

Flora: [with a pissed-off face] you want a fight, you just have to say so. [She proceeds to beat up all the pirates.]

Present Time:

Pirate Captain: I can’t believe I allow myself to get beaten by a little girl! That was very humiliating! I swear I’m going to return that pain tenfold!

Pirate #2: [looking through binoculars.] captain. Someone’s coming this way. [The captain takes the binoculars and sees Flora riding on a reindeer.]

Pirate Captain: That’s her! It’s payback time! [He takes a gun and shoots at Flora.]

Flora deflects the bullet with a dagger and Chopper stops.

Chopper: hey! What just happened?! [The pirates then unveil themselves and block their path.]

Pirate Captain: Hey you! Remember me!?

Flora: not you men again!!

Chopper: you know them?

Pirate Captain: You wonder why I’m here! Huh!! Do you really think that I’ll let you get away with what you did to me and my crew?!! I want revenge!!

Chopper: Flora, what did you do to anger them?

Flora: me? They were the ones who started it. The captain asked me to board his ship. I said no and the captain tried to capture me with a trawl net. So it’s naturally that I retaliate.

Pirate #3: captain, did that reindeer just spoke?

Chopper: well, pirates, you shouldn’t mess with her. She happens to be the daughter of….

Flora: SHUT UP!! [whacks Chopper in the head and then whisper in his ears] you can’t tell my heritage to strangers.

An idea just comes to Flora’s head. She then hops off Chopper and makes a request.

Flora: hey Chopper. Could you please take care of them? And please use your other transformations.

Chopper: why do you want me to do all the fighting?!

Flora: because I don’t want to mess up this coat. Your crew’s navigator bought this for me and she said that I’ll have to pay her back three times the original price if I ruin it.

Chopper: you just want to see my transformations… alright, just this once. [transforms to brain point.] Rumble! [eats a Rumble Ball]

Pirate #4: captain! That’s the Cotton Candy Lover Chopper! I’m sure of it!

Pirate Captain: WHAAAAT?!

Chopper displays his transformation points while beating up the pirates. Flora sits back and watches the battle in awe and excitement. After Chopper defeats the pirates, they are handed over to the Sakura Kingdom security. Chopper (in brain point) and Flora proceed to Gyasta.

Flora: Chopper, I must say that you’re one of the most amazing people I’ve seen in the outside world.

Chopper: shut up! Don’t think saying something like that is going to make me happy! [dances happily]

Flora: you look happy to me.

[Flora’s snake says something.] Chopper: What?! You say I suck at hiding my emotions!

After entering Gyasta, Flora has fun ice-skating.

Flora: wooohooo, Hey Chopper! This is the most fun I have all day!

Chopper: [siting on a bench holding up some cotton candy] Flora, want some cotton candy? [Flora and Chopper then sit together on the bench eating cotton candy.]

Flora also does some other enjoyable activities such as snowball fights, building snowmen, making snow angels, and playing hide-and-seek with Chopper in a snow playground. Because of Chopper hiding his body the wrong way, Flora can easily find him.

[Flora’s snake speaks again] Chopper: You say I also suck at hiding!

Chopper and Flora then return to Big Horn at 10 pm to see the cherry blossoms. Flora witnesses the same event her father saw many years ago.

Chopper: so what do you think, Flora?

Flora: wow, it’s so beautiful. I can’t wait to tell mom, aunties, and all of my friends back home.

On the next day:

Flora: Chopper, I had so much fun yesterday. Thank you.

Chopper: Come on! I don’t need your gratitude! [dances happily]

Flora: well then, I’m going to Alabasta now to see the musician. And I guess I’ll meet Vivi as well since dad considered her an honorary Straw Hat member.

Chopper: Hold on Flora! If you’re going to a place full of deserts, then there are some important things you need to know about. [Chopper gives Flora some important tips like what she should wear and what she should bring with her.] And beware of the Mescal Cactus. This cactus causes hallucination. When Luffy ate one, he went berserk until I tranquilized him. [Chopper also explains about the dangerous animals she might find.] Oh, and I have some friends in Alabasta that I want you to say hi for me: a camel named Eyelashes, a spot-billed duck named Carue, and a giant desert crab named Scissors. And say hi to Brook and Vivi for me too okay. Vivi should already know about you since she’s one of our closest friends. That’s all I have to say. Good luck on your adventures, Flora.

Flora: good bye Chopper. It’s been nice meeting you.

Flora returns to her ship and sets sail for Alabasta.

Chopper: I wonder what Flora will do if Brook asks her to show her panties?

(note: starting this August, I’m going to have less time on my hands. I don’t know when I’ll finish the next episode, but I’ll post it as soon as I can. After Vivi and Brook, it will be Franky, Robin, and Luffy again.)