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After meeting Usopp at Syrup Village, Monkey D. Flora sails for Konomi Islands where the navigator of the Straw Hats lives. She comes across a couple of more pirate ships. Flora defeats the pirates, loot their ships, and take their money. After her skirmish with the pirates, her yellow dress has gotten dirty, so she puts on a red dress. Soon, Konomi Islands is in her sights.

Flora then comes across Johnny and Yosaku, who are fishing. They caught a very big fish and Flora’s Yuda got attracted to it. Johnny and Yosaku freaked out once they see the Yuda.

Johnny and Yosaku: AHHHHH! A GIANT SNAKE!!!

Flora: Stop Yuda! Don’t scare them like that!! [then turns to the two men] I’m sorry; I don’t mean to frighten you. [Flora gives them some money in exchange for the fish and continues toward the island.]

Johnny: that girl sure has a strange pet.

After the Yuda eats its meal, Flora docks her ship on the coast where there are a lot of trees. She then walks to Cocoyasi Village. Once she arrives there, she goes to Genzo’s office for directions. When she meets Genzo, he stares at her for a moment because she’s carrying a snake on her shoulders. Flora notices the blown-up image of Nami's first wanted poster on the wall and figures that’s Nami.

Flora: Pardon me, could you please tell me where I may find this person?

Genzo also notices that Flora is also carrying a quiver of arrows, a sword, and a dagger.

Genzo: (I wonder who this girl is.) I’m sorry, I don’t know who you’re talking about.

Flora looks puzzled, wondering why he is acting the way he is. Nami suddenly comes in with a bag of tangerines.

Nami: Hello Genzo, I brought you some tangerines. Huh? Who is this? Are you a visitor?

Genzo: (Nami, be careful, she might be dangerous!!)

Nami: do you need directions?

Flora: I’m looking for the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Nami: Well, you’re looking at her right now. What’s your name?

Genzo: (Oh no!) [facing Flora] listen girl! I don’t know who you are, but what are you up to and what business do you have here?!

Flora: [ignoring Genzo] my name is Flora.

Nami asks if her full name is Monkey D. Flora and Flora confirms it.

Nami: A pleasure to meet you! I’m Nami. Genzo, this is Luffy’s daughter.

Genzo: WHAT?!! Is this really true?!! … I’m sorry for my rudeness earlier. With those weapons and that snake you’re carrying, I thought you were up to no good. So are you a pirate?

Flora: I’m a traveling Kuja warrior.

Flora explains her reasons why she wants to meet Nami. Nami and Flora have their chat as they’re having a stroll through the village.

Nami: so you already met Zoro and Usopp. How’s Zoro? He’s not lost, is he?

Flora: he seems to be fine. He said that he goes wherever his instincts tell him to.

Nami: that’s Zoro all right. And what’s Usopp been doing these days?

Flora: He goes on adventures once every few years. And when I met him in his village, he paints and sculpts.

Nami: so he’s fine.

Flora: Anyway, the swordsman said that you have a love for money.

Nami: yeah that’s true. Come on, I’ll take you to the place where I used to grow up in.

Nami takes Flora to her old home in the outskirts of Cocoyasi Village.

Nami: Here it is, this is my childhood home. This is where I grew up with my adoptive mother and sister. Right now, only my foster sister lives here. The house I’m living in now is right over there. [Nami then shows Bell-mère’s grave.] This here is the grave of my foster mother, Bell-mère. This is where she’s buried after she died. I have quite a painful past, but since you want to get to know me better, I guess there’s no harm telling you.

Nami and Flora sit down by the grave as Nami tells her story.

Nami: Bell-mère was once a Marine. After a gruesome battle with pirates, she found me and my foster sister, Nojiko. I was only a baby at the time. Bell-mère took us back to this island and raised us as her own. As a child, I developed a love for navigation and drawing maps.

Flora: so what led you to your obsession with money?

Nami: my family and I were kind of poor. The tangerines we sell only provide meager means of support and we were unable to afford anything other than bare necessities. Since Bell-mère could not afford the navigation books I wanted, I tried to steal them from the bookshop from time to time. Genzo would catch me stealing and carry me back to my home and tell Bell-mère about my actions, but Genzo was nice enough to pay for the books for me. Even though I love Bell-mère, I was upset with what little wealth we had. It’s easy to get obsessed with money when you had so very little.

Flora: Did Bell-mère have a husband?

Nami: no, she was never married. But and Nojiko and I have a father figure in Genzo. Anyway, even though Bell-mère scolded me for stealing, she praised me for my first drawing of this island, which was my first step towards my dream of drawing a map of the world. Bell-mère said that she had no doubt that I can achieve this dream, which made me happy. But we still remain poor. Bell-mère had to eat only tangerines and give most of the food to Nami and Nojiko. And Bell-mère could only give me Nojiko’s hand-me-downs when I wanted my own clothes. [Nami explains about the argument that follows and how she wished that she was adopted by rich people.] I ran off and seek console in Genzo. When he revealed to me about how Bell-mère found me and Nojiko and took it upon herself to raise us, I grew more understanding of her. Nojiko came to fetch me and told me that Bell-mère was making my favorite. As Nojiko and I were heading back home, the worst people imaginable arrived to this island.

Flora: you mean Arlong and his crew.

Nami: yes, As soon as they set foot on this island, they impose a fee on every single person in the village: Beli100,000 for each adult and Beli50,000 for each children. Failure to pay leads to death. When Arlong was heading for our house, Nojiko and I quickly rushed there to warn Bell-mère, but Arlong got there first. Bell-mère could only pay Beli100,000 so she could only pay for me and my sister. She said that she rather die than not calling herself a mother. Nojiko and I quickly rushed to her side and begged her not to die. After Bell-mère said “Nami, Nojiko I love you”, Arlong murdered her right in front of me. Then they found the maps I drew. Recognizing my talent, Arlong took me away and forced me to work as his cartographer. He even put his mark on me, which used to be on this shoulder, but it has been replaced now. Anyway, after Arlong branded me, I had a hard time facing the other villagers. Arlong made a deal with me. If I could bring him Beli100,000,000, he would free my village and he said that he’ll keep his promises when it comes to money. Since Arlong was paying off the marines to keep his actions quite, I decided to collect all those belis myself. I didn’t ask anyone else for help because I didn’t want to endanger them. Nojiko was the only who I told my plan to. Bell-mère once told me to always keep smiling, never give in, and if I keep living, happiness will come. These words pushed me forward for the next eight years. I drew maps for Arlong and stole treasure from pirates to buy back the village. And because of my supposed services to Arlong, I was known as the “Witch of Cocoyasi”. So now that you heard about my past, what do you think?

Flora remains speechless with tears in her eyes.

Nami: oh come on now, it’s all in the past.

Nojiko appears.

Nojiko: hey there Nami.

Nami: AAH! Nojiko don’t startle me like that!

Nojiko: [giggles] and you must be Flora. Genzo just told me that you came here to meet my sister. By the way, I’m Nojiko.

Nojiko then invites Nami and Flora into her house for some tea.

Nojiko: so Flora, I heard that your home is a women-only island. What’s it like?

Flora: First of all, my home, Amazon Lily, lies in the Calm Belt, so outsiders will have little to no chance of reaching the island because of the presence of Sea Kings. And as you said it yourself, Amazon Lily is an island inhabited by only females. [Flora attempts to sketch a map of Amazon Lily, but her artistic skills are only slightly better than her father’s.] This is what my home looks like.

Nojiko: I see.

Flora: My tribe is known as the Kuja. According to our customs, men are forbidden on the island so occasionally, some Kujas venture into the outside world and return with children, which are only girls. And what’s more is that every Kuja are raised to be strong warriors since childhood. We also have a saying that “strength equals beauty”. Only the strongest rules the island and that’s my mother, Boa Hancock, and my aunts, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold. The Kuja also has a pirate crew known as the Kuja Pirates, which comprises of the island’s strongest warriors and my mom is the captain. And do you know the story of what happens to the crew of any ship that crosses paths with the Kuja Pirates. The crew gets turned to stone which happens to be my mom’s doing.

Nojiko: ooooh sounds scary. So what should happen if any man comes to the island?

Flora: he would be eliminated by the Kuja islanders or be turned to stone by my mom or be torn to shreds by my aunts. Right now, the only man allowed to set foot in the country is my dad, who happens to be the love of my mom, the empress of the island.

Nojiko: so how did your mother end up falling in love with your father?

Flora: I can tell you, but you must promise to keep this between us. [Flora then explains the story Nyon told her.]

Nojiko: awww, how sweet. So tell me about this Granny Nyon.

Flora: She’s a former empress, the foster mother of my mom and aunts, and now, she’s the wise elder of the island. And let me tell you about a disease called Love Sickness.

Nojiko: Love Sickness?

Flora: It’s a disease contracted by the empresses of the Kuja tribe and this disease took the lives of many past empresses. It happens when they fall in love with a man. If they suppress their emotions, then it weakens them and eventually kills them. Granny Nyon once had this disease when she was an empress. She fled, but she somehow survived. My mom later got this disease after meeting my dad, but she survived after accepting her feelings. Granny Nyon and mom used to say that “love is a hurricane”.

Nojiko: so if you become the next empress, then you better be careful when you find love.

Flora: ………………………………

Nojiko: so do the Kujas have snakes as pets?

Flora: they’re more like companions and weapons. Most Kuja warriors have one. These snakes can shape into bows that we can use to shoot arrows with.

Nojiko: so how does the Kuja Pirates cross the Calm Belt?

Flora: the Kuja Pirates’ ship is towed by ferocious sea serpents called Yuda. These are creatures that Sea Kings won’t attack. I also have a Yuda towing my ship, so I can cross the Calm Belt too. But for my dad, he can just scare them away with just Haki alone.

Nojiko: your dad once visited you, right? What do you think of him?

Flora: I think he’s fun. He is the one who inspired me to go on adventures. And playing with his rubbery skin was very enjoyable. I also became interested in his former crewmates, so I venture in the outside world to meet them.

Nojiko: what does your mom and aunts look like?

Flora: here, I’ll show you. [Flora then makes a drawing of them.]

Once Flora is done with her conversation with Nojiko, Nami takes Flora to where Arlong Park used to be and the place is now a public swimming pool. Nami continues on with her story.

Nami: this here once used to be Arlong’s base of operations on this island. Arlong Park was five stories tall and I used to work in the top floor where I drew sea charts for him. Oh well, time for me to talk about my first meeting with your father. It happened at Orange Town in Organ Island. I stole a map of the Grand Line from a pirate called Buggy the Clown.

Flora: the man with the big red nose.

Nami: I was running from three of Buggy’s henchmen and then suddenly your dad fell out of the sky. I took advantage of the situation by calling your dad “boss”. The pirates attacked him, but he easily defeated them. Then I tried to form a partnership with Luffy, but I dropped the idea when I learned that he was a pirate. You see Flora, after what Arlong did to Bell-mère, I developed a hatred for pirates, but that was during that time. I then took advantage of your dad’s simple-mindedness, tied him up, and hand him over to Buggy under the claim that he was my boss. Buggy locked him in a cage and I pretended to join his crew so I can steal his treasure. Everything went according to plan until Buggy ordered me to kill Luffy to prove my loyalty. Even though I hated pirates, I did not want to stoop to their level, so instead, I defended Luffy. Zoro arrived just in time and then we fled.

Nami then talks about the part right after Mohji and Richie destroyed ChouChou’s pet food shop.

Nami: when Luffy came back, I was about to attempt to kill him, thinking that he destroyed the shop that the dog considered its treasure. I thought that Luffy was no different from the other pirates. However, when Luffy gave the last box of dog food to Chouchou, I realized that he actually fought for the dog’s sake. [Nami then finishes talking about the confrontation with Buggy.] After Buggy was done with, I decided to partner up with Luffy for the time being. Luffy deliberately left one of my treasure bags behind for the people of Orange Town. And then I threatened to drown him if he ever leaves some of my treasure behind again.

Nami talks about her betrayal at the Baratie and her eventual liberation.

Nami: Johnny and Yosaku were such suckers. I decided to take the ship and head back home. However, I really didn’t enjoy ditching Luffy and the others like that. By that time, I have grown fond of the crew and I did enjoy being with them even for a short time. But I have my own village to worry about. I had collected Beli93,000,000 and I just needed Beli7,000,000 more to complete the deal. And yes, Luffy and the others just had to follow me and I was afraid that they were going to jeopardize everything I worked hard for. [Nami explains how she had to vouch for Zoro and Usopp while avoiding Arlong’s suspicions.] I told Luffy and the others to just take their ship and leave, but they, especially Luffy, stubbornly refused to do so. But Arlong made sure that my efforts don’t reach fruition. He had the Marines he was paying take away all the money that I collected. I tried to stop them. Genzo came to help me and revealed that he and the other villages knew my true motives all along. Despite our efforts, all the money that I collected for eight whole years has been taken away. When I confronted Arlong about this, he mocked me, saying that if I want my village back, I’ll have to start from scratch. Genzo and the villagers decided that they had enough. They took up arms and prepared to fight Arlong. I pleaded with them not to go through with it, not wanting any more people to die. But they made up their minds and head for Arlong Park. I was at the end of my rope, helpless; about to give in to despair, and then Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp gave me hope. When I arrive to Arlong Park to see the battle, I saw that most of the Arlong Pirates have been defeated and it was just Arlong and your dad. When Luffy and Arlong took the fight to the top floor of Arlong Park, the next thing I saw was that everything from the room I was forced to work in getting thrown out and then Arlong Park crumbles. When your dad emerged from the rubble, he said that I’m his nakama. I happily said, “yeah”.

Flora: so then, dad brought you the happiness you longed for.

Nami: and here’s my favorite part. [Nami explains how Nezumi tried to interfere with the celebration but ended getting beaten up.] Arlong and his crew were then arrested and imprisoned and I got all my money back. The whole island spent the next few days celebrating, expressing their joy of being freed after experiencing years of tyranny. I had my Arlong mark removed and replaced with this tattoo. I also left the money for the village and I officially became the navigator of the Straw Hats. And here’s the funny part. [Nami explains how she said goodbye to the villagers and stole their wallets at the same time.]

Flora: weren’t they mad?

Nami: [smiling] yeah, kind of. Well, after rejoining your dad, it was finally time for me to pursue my dream of drawing a map of the world. And since I no longer needed to get money for the village, I can get money for myself.

Nami and Flora returns to Cocoyasi Village and sit on a bench. Nami talks about meeting Vivi.

Nami: when Igaram, captain of the Alabasta royal guard, begged Zoro to protect Nefertari Vivi, the princess of Alabasta, and to escort her to her kingdom, I found the perfect opportunity to gain big money. I said to Igaram that we accept the job but for one billion belis. And it wasn’t hard for me to sway Zoro into protecting Vivi. After all, he owed me debt for borrowing Beli100,000 from me back at Loguetown and he needed to pay me back three hundred percent interest. ((right after Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine had been taken care of)) Right after Vivi explained about the chaos that was happening at her country due to Baroque Works’ ploy, she unwittingly revealed to us the boss’s secret identity, Crocodile. A sea otter, Mr. 13, and a vulture, Miss Friday, overheard our conversation and we officially became targets of Baroque Works. I was going to leave but the sea otter drew pictures of us so it was no use leaving. Do you have any idea how terrifying it is to be a target of someone as powerful as a Shichibukai?

Nami talks about her first time out of a supporting role.

Flora: I have been told that you use a tool that enables you to create thunder clouds. When did you get it?

Nami: Before we reached Alabasta, I thought about of what a liability I was since I was one of the weaker members and I couldn’t fight like the Monster Trio. I wanted to help Vivi, whom I developed a close friendship with. Knowing that I needed the ability to fight, I asked Usopp to build me a weapon, which is the Clima-Tact.

Nami talks about her battle with Miss Doublefinger, the person who ate the Toge Toge no Mi.

Nami: I thought that I could just leave Zoro to fight with both Mr. 1 and Miss Doublefinger. But those two Baroque Works agents had to pick on a defenseless little girl like me so I had to run for my life. Zoro dealt with Mr. 1, but I had to contend with Miss Doublefinger. No matter how much I fled, I soon realized that this is a fight that I could not ignore. Everyone else was fighting to help Vivi so I should do the same and then I took out my Clima-Tact and prepared for battle.

Nami then explains her predicament during her fight.

Nami: While avoiding getting pierced by Miss Doublefinger, I had to figure out how the Clima-Tact works before I can use it properly. And then I learned that the majority of the functions were for party and entertainment purposes. That was really frustrating. After some close calls, I eventually found the battle functions in the instructions.

Flora: so you did not know how to use your weapon before your battle. If I’m not mistaken, you and the crew traveled for miles from one place to another so you had plenty of opportunities to familiarize yourself with your weapon. Why didn’t you practice with your weapon beforehand? Nami: Hey! There were some things that I wasn’t expecting, alright! [Nami then explains the battle uses of the Clima-Tact and how she triumphed over Miss Doublefinger.] Well, Baroque Works was finished, rain returned to Alabasta, and peace returned to the kingdom.

Flora: so did you get your one billion belis?

Nami: nope, I decided to give up on that even though I was upset about it later on. We gave a Vivi a choice to join us, but she chose to remain in her country. Since Marines were closing in, we had to leave in a hurry and we gave Vivi a silent farewell to keep her from being recognized as our ally.

Nami goes to the part about receiving her first bounty after the Enies Lobby incident.

Flora: were you happy that you got a bounty?

Nami: not at all, I never wanted to be a wanted person. That photographer tricked me saying that he was a reporter.

Flora: but dad always said that a bounty is a sign of achievement for a pirate.

Nami: For him maybe! But not for me! Anyway I wasn’t the only who was unhappy. Chopper was upset because he only got Beli50 bounty due to being mistaken as a mere pet and Sanji was upset because his wanted poster had a badly drawn picture on it.

Nami then explains about meeting Hatchan again.

Nami: it was a long journey, but we finally reached the Red Line. All we needed to do next was find a way to Fishman Island. [Nami explains about meeting Keimi and Pappug.] As thanks for saving them from a sea monster, they offered us Takoyaki, but the Takoyaki maker had been captured by a kidnapping group. When we went to the kidnappers’ hideout, we then learned that the Takoyaki maker was none other than Hatchan. At first, we decided to give up on our objective to save him. Keimi and Pappug tried to save Hatchan themselves, but they ended up falling into a trap and getting captured. When I saw how much Hatchan cared about Keimi, I decided to say that he wasn’t as bad as the rest of the Arlong Pirates and that he should be saved as well. After dealing with the kidnappers, we had Takoyaki. When Hatchan asked me about the Takoyaki, I bluntly said that I haven’t forgiven him, but the Takoyaki was delicious.

Nami talks about what she learned at Sabaody Archipelago.

Nami: While I was shopping with Robin, she told about the discrimination towards fishmen and merfolk throughout history, which was the reason why Hatchan and Keimi had to pretend to be humans. Then Keimi was kidnapped by slave traders and we went after her. We located her at an auction house in Grove #1. Hatchan, Franky, Chopper, Sanji, Pappug, and I were the first to arrive. We couldn’t just take Keimi back by force because of the presence of the World Nobles. So I decided that the right course of action was to play by their rules and buy Keimi back. When Keimi was put up on display, I was about to bid Beli200,000,000 but one of the World Nobles bid Beli500,000,000 for her. Just when we had no idea what to do, your father crashed in. He quickly rushed to Keimi and Hatchan tried to stop him from doing something rash. Hatchan accidentally revealed himself to be a fishman and the people at the auction house immediately turned hostile towards him only because he’s a fishman. They scorned and detested him. I was stunned to see with my own eyes on how a fishman could be persecuted like that. Then one of the World Nobles shot him for his own amusement.

Flora: then dad beat the living crap out of him. So how did you feel about Hatchan?

Nami: When Hatchan said that he really felt remorse for what his former crew did and that he wanted to make up for it, I felt very sorry for him and then I forgave him.

Nami goes on to explain about her separation from the crew.

Nami: I landed on a sky island called Weatheria. I was upset to be separated from the rest of the crew, but luckily for me a resident of the island named Haredas provided me shelter. [Nami explains more about Weatheria and the interesting things she saw such as the Wind Knot.] There were plenty for me to learn on that island and then a few weeks later, I read a newspaper explaining about what happened at the War of the Summit. I tried to steal some equipment, but I was caught and I had to beg Haredas to vouch for me. While the weather scientists were deciding what to do with me, I told them that all I wanted was to get back to my captain, who was suffering after losing his brother. I fooled them by putting up false tears. When they released me, I quickly stole back the equipment, took Haredas hostage, and made my get-away. But before I left Weatheria, I received another newspaper with your dad’s message on it and I couldn’t believe on how selfish he was. So then I was caught again and those scientists were really mad at me. I acted apologetic while putting up more false tears and those scientists easily forgave me.

Flora: those men must be very sympathetic.

Nami: Since our reunion is set for two years later, I took the opportunity to learn all about the weather in the New World from Haredas as well as how to use Weatheria’s equipment such as the Weather Balls. [Nami talks about her experiences in Weatheria for the next two years.] Once two years passed, we all reunited at Sabaody Archipelago to continue where we left off. Before we set sail for Fishman Island, I saw your mom for the first time. I was surprised that Luffy befriended her, but I had no idea that the Pirate Empress fell in love with him, which we all learned much later on.

Nami talks about the adventure on Fishman Island. She first explains about the first encounter with the New Fishman Pirates and how the Straw Hat crew charged into the island to escape the sea beasts. She then talks about the trouble at Ryugu Palace.

Nami: I was enjoying all the shopping and sightseeing. For saving the beloved pet shark of the Mermaid Princess, the king invited us to the palace for a banquet. After we arrived at the palace, the king and his guards tried to capture us because some fortuneteller predicted Fishman Island’s destruction at the hands of Luffy. We fought back and tied up the king and the guards. [Nami then explains about Zoro’s demands to the princes and Jinbe’s messages.] We then came face to face with the captain of the New Fishman Pirates, Hody Jones, and I saw him with an Arlong tattoo as well. When he started talking about carrying on Arlong’s will, I had an uneasy feeling inside of me. I quickly escaped the palace with Keimi and head for the Sea Forest to speak with Jinbe.

Nami talks about her meeting with Jinbe at the Sea Forest.

Nami: when I asked Jinbe about him setting Arlong loose into the East Blue, he told me about some very important history about Fishman Island. [Nami talks about Jinbe’s tale of Fisher Tiger and Queen Otohime.] And your dad just slept through the whole thing, only remembering about the queen’s confrontation with the robber.

Flora: but dad was awake to know Hody’s plans.

Nami: However, even after learning about the depths of hatred that the fishmen carry due to the years of oppression, that wasn’t enough to make me feel any sympathy for Arlong. When Jinbe said that he was willing to accept any punishment, I told him that I don’t feel any resentment towards him, only Arlong.

Flora: you forgave Jinbe?

Nami: of course. What Arlong did was by his own choosing. After all, Jinbe is a friend of your dad and he did feel very responsible for Arlong. Well, after the history lesson, we had to deal with the New Fishman Pirates. And as usual, your dad was quick to resolve to fight. But Jinbe said that we shouldn’t fight Hody and his crew, because of the possibility of humans, which is us, fighting Hody will only increase the fishmen’s hatred towards humans. And as it turned out, we couldn’t ignore fighting the New Fishman Pirates after all. [Nami then talks about how they showcased their new strengths and abilities.] With the Monster Trio becoming even more monstrous and the “weak” ones, which was me, Usopp, and Chopper, becoming more capable combatants, it was time to charge into the New World.

Nami talks about the conclusion of the entire journey.

Nami: after all the hardships and toil, we successfully reached Raftel, the last island in the Grand Line. I was so happy to finally draw a map of it. And I will never forget that big celebration we had for being the second pirate crew to set foot on that island after the Roger Pirates. But reaching Raftel wasn’t the big finale of our adventure.

Flora: then it was time for war with the World Government.

Nami: As we were rallying allies, we met your mom again. When she openly stated on how much she loves your dad, we were all shocked, especially Sanji. (note: this “we” means the Straw Hat crew) After the war ended, the World Government broke apart and the World Nobles are crushed for good. With the end of the World Nobles, slavery was put to an end as well. And the fishmen and merfolk, who suffered so much oppression, can finally find the peace they wanted for so long. After the crew split up, I went back home and the villagers immediately celebrated my return. These days, I now work as a cartographer. I occasionally traveled to the seas to draw more maps and sea charts. And I helped Nojiko with the tangerine business whenever I’m home. And thanks to my ability to manipulate the weather such as creating rain and neutralizing storms, the village calls me “Nami, the weather magician”. So Flora, you said that you have a ship. May I see it?

Flora: ok then.

Flora takes Nami to her ship.

Flora: here’s my ship and this is my Yuda.

Nami: this ship is not as big as the Going Merry, but it does look nice.

Flora then shows Nami inside the ship and Nami finds Flora’s stash of money, which amounts to more than Beli80,000,000.

Nami: did your mom gave you this much money?

Flora: nope, we don’t use belis back at Amazon Lily. I stole them.

Nami: Stole them?! From who?!

Flora: from pirates who thought they can prey on a girl like me.

Nami: Oh, so you steal treasure from pirates. I like your style.

Flora: Can I see your maps and sea charts?

Nami: sure. Come on, they’re all in my house.

Nami and Flora return to Cocoyasi Village to find a pirate ship approaching from the distance.

Man: Piiiiiraaates!! [The villagers quickly panic.]

Flora: That pirate ship seems familiar. I think I encountered it on the way here. And I can hear the pirates talking about getting revenge on a girl with a snake.

Nami: well guess who fits the bill!

The pirates fire their cannons, expressing their hostility. Flora draws her snake bow, preparing for a fight, but Nami steps in.

Nami: hold it Flora! I’ll deal with this. Time for me to show you what the weather magician is capable of.

Nami takes out her Clima-Tact. First, she pours heavy rain on the pirate ship, and then she engulfs it in a blizzard.

Nami: And now let’s finish this off with a bang! [Nami then creates gigantic lightning bolts, which effectively sinks the pirate ship.]

Flora watches in amazement with sparkles in her eyes much like her father when he gets excited.

Nami: Flora, what’s your favorite food?

Flora: well, it’s meat, why?

Nami: oh nothing. (Seems like she has some of Luffy’s traits after all.)

With the pirates dealt with, Nami takes Flora to her house and shows her maps and sea charts.

Nami: so what do you think?

Flora: I think they’re brilliant. Can I have a copy of your map of the Grand Line?

Nami: ok, but I charge for these maps. But since you’re Luffy’s kid, you can have a map for free.

Nami and Flora then relax in a spa. Nami tells Flora what she thinks about her fellow Straw Hats.

Nami: Usopp is smart and rational, but he was cowardly at first. Chopper is cute. Franky is weird. Brook is irritating. Zoro is one of the more serious members of the crew who is not above using deadly force. And I trust that you know about his bad sense of direction. Sanji is completely devoted to me and is more than willing to do my bidding. Robin is the one I get along best. She is so intelligent and she is the only one who I can completely rely on. And she accompanies me whenever I go shopping. As for your father, while I do have high respects for him for his fearlessness, his loyalty to his crew, and his ferocious tenacity, I find his irrational thinking and short attention span to be infuriating. And for his tendency to act like an idiot, I punched him many times.

Flora: hold on, if you’re not one of the stronger members of the Straw Hats, then how did you punched my dad many times?

Nami: it’s simple. I channeled all of my anger into my fists.

Flora: could you have done that against, you know… your enemies?

Nami: it’s way more complicating than that. As I was saying, he likes to talk big, but he didn’t really know a thing about actually sailing the ocean. If it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t get too far. Do you have any idea that while I was the crew’s navigator, I had a huge responsibility to uphold? Furthermore, your dad lacks any sense of danger and always does the craziest things. But he’s modest since he knows too well that he needed the support of his crew and he doesn’t brag about his accomplishments. Anyway, the reason I studied hard on Weatheria for two whole years was because I had to become a navigator who is ready to take Luffy anywhere he decides to go. After our two-year training, Usopp becomes manlier, Chopper becomes fluffier, Franky becomes weirder, and Brook’s still irritating. I still like Robin the best. And the Monster Trio, even though they increased their strength, still retains some of their negative qualities. But your dad becomes more mature and less naïve as time goes by. And he becomes independent when he became Pirate King. As for me, other than navigation, I kept track on the money the crew spends and kept on an eye on their spending habits such Luffy’s desire to spend it on meat. And I do get annoyed whenever the rest of the crew wastes money or passes up an opportunity to get it. However, what I love more than money is friendship.

Flora: By the way, there are some young men staring at us from over that wall.

Nami: peepers. Ok, it will be a Beli100,000 each. Shiawase Punch

Boys: AAAAAAAAHHHH! [with nosebleeds]

Flora: what just happened?

Nami: I’m just giving those boys a nosebleed.

Flora: if you don’t mind me asking, why is the other side only for men while this side is only for women?

Nami: oh that’s right, you lived in a women-only country for most of your life. Fine, I’ll tell you. [Nami explains how society in the outside world works.]

After Flora and Nami are done bathing, Nami gives Flora some tips on how to do shopping such as buying clothes and the two have dinner in a cafe. When night has fallen, Flora decides to spend the night in an inn. Since Flora also decides to take a break from traveling, she chooses to stay on Konomi Islands a little longer. On the next morning, she wanders through the village looking for something to do and finds Johnny and Yosaku preparing for another fishing trip.

Flora: excuse me.

Yosaku: oh, hello there. Hey wait a minute, aren’t you that girl with the giant snake?

Flora: yeah, I’m sorry about yesterday. Right now, I just want something fun to do. May I fish with you two?

Johnny: sure, what’s your name?

Flora: I’m Flora

Johnny: I’m Johnny and this is Yosaku.

Yosaku: if you’re ready to go, hop on.

Flora, Johnny, and Yosaku then go fishing.

Which Straw Hat member should Flora sees in the next episode?