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With only one Straw Hat member left to meet, Flora is currently in the West Blue seeking Nico Robin, who is now living in New Ohara.

Miles from the coast of Robin’s new homeland….

Blu: it has been several months since we left Amazon Lily and we came this far. And we just have one more member from your father’s crew to meet.

Flora: yes, I am looking forward to seeing her. It’s time I finally complete this personal quest.

As they approached the island, Flora and her snake see four pirate ships closing in on the island. The pirates start assaulting the island by firing their cannons.

Blu: so Flora, shall we do the usual kick-the-pirates’-asses-and-rob-from-them routine?

Flora: of course

Just as they are prepared to fight, they see some giant arms and legs suddenly sprout on top of the pirate ships. The next thing that occurs is the pirate ships smashed into the sea.

Blu: DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?!!! Where did those arms and legs come from?!!!

Flora: it must be her doing. At least it’s good to know that she’s on the island.

They later arrived at the coast where there is a forest. After leaving the ship, they travels along the coast until they reach a small town, which received some damage from the pirates’ cannon fire. As the townsfolk are repairing the damages, Flora and her snake take a casual stroll.

Blu: so any idea where to find her?

Flora: I’ve been told that she’s a scholar so I think that the best place to look is there. [points at a towering building located at the spot where the Tree of Omniscience used to be.]

After reaching the New Ohara Library by foot, Flora stands right outside the front door.

Flora: here goes nothing [opens the doors and walks in] Hello, is anyone there? I’m looking for Nico Robin. [she then finds a woman organizing the book shelves using her Hana Hana no mi for multi-tasking.]

Robin: good afternoon. You’ve come to the right place, Monkey D. Flora.


Robin: You already met the others, haven’t you? I suppose it’s just me now. A pleasure to finally meet you.

Five pirates suddenly barge into the library.

Robin: Looks like we got survivors from the shipwreck. Please excuse me for a moment.

Pirate: you damn bitch! We were going to make this island our turf! But you ruined everything! Prepare to die!

Before the pirates can do anything, they find themselves immobilized.

Robin: violence won’t be permitted in this library. And I won’t tolerate anyone who threatens New Ohara, not now not ever. Clutch!

The pirates are then incapacitated. Robin uses her powers to move them out of the front door.

Robin: now get off my island. [creates a giant arm which she uses as a catapult to launch the pirates far away from the island.]

Blu: well Flora, since you have seen her powers, it’s safe to assume that you won’t have to do anything crazy like you did in the water city.

Robin: pardon for the interruptions Flora. I just couldn’t let these scoundrels have their way in my own home. I guess you came here to get to know me. And I also want to get to you too. But first, I want to ask you a few questions. What do you think of my nakama?

Flora: for starters, they are some of the most amazing people I ever encountered. Even though your crew was a small group compared to most pirate crews, each of you possesses your own special talents. It’s no wonder that father became Pirate King when he had friends like you to support him.

Robin: did Sanji happen to say anything concerning me?

Flora: now that you mentioned it, he did ask me to give his love to you.

Robin: I imagine he misses me terribly. And how’s Chopper? I’m rather fond of that furry little guy.

Flora: He’s cute and fluffy and he can be a little… odd.

Blu: yeah, he’s really bad at hiding and he dances happily while claiming to be not happy.

Robin: there was nothing wrong?

Flora: not that I know of, why?

Robin: did you meet his mentor?

Flora: the hot-tempered old woman who believes she’s young. Yeah, I met her.

Robin: how was she when you saw her?

Flora: “how was she?” For someone as ancient as her, she’s the most terrifying person I’ve ever seen! When I tried to point out how old she actually is, she went berserk and chased me around, throwing all kinds of weapons at me for three hours straight!

Robin: I see, so you didn’t see anything wrong with her.

Flora: what do you mean?

Robin: [shows Flora a newspaper article concerning Dr. Kureha] as you can see, they say her health is starting to deteriorate.

Flora: so she’s dying?

Robin: it’s amazing that she is able to live for so very long. But it seems like her time is almost up. I’m deeply concerned on how Chopper is feeling right now. He must be worried sick about her.

Flora: I’m sorry to hear. I wonder if that woman will still deny her old age.

Robin: I hope Chopper will be alright. Anyway Flora, did you have fun in your little adventure?

Flora: yes, I had lots of fun. I’ve seen many things that are fascinating and strange. There were also many eventful moments during my journey.

Blu: like fighting two of your father’s crewmates and having your butt handed to you both times.

Flora: Hey!

Robin: you fought two of the Straw Hats?

Blu: that’s right! The first one was the swordsman and the other was…

Flora: shut up Blu!

Robin: come to think of it, I recently read a newspaper article about a huge incident that occurred in Water 7 in which Franky battled against a person the citizens referred to as the “gray renegade”. That wouldn’t be you, would it?

Blu: That’s correct! It was Flora’s big crazy idea to get robo man to show his weapons!

Robin: you went through a lot of trouble just for that?

Blu: yeah! I never thought Flora can be so outrageous!

Flora: Damn it Blu! I knew I should have thrown away that translator collar!

Blu: then why didn’t you?

Flora: that’s because you wouldn’t stop crying after I took it off! Oh Robin, please don’t tell anyone about this! Please don’t tell Franky that I was the renegade! I just wanted to see Franky’s weaponry so badly, but he wouldn’t show them to me so I…

Robin: relax Flora, I’m not mad at you. It just shows how much you and your father have in common. On several occasions, he also did outrageous things for simple reasons.

Blu: so Flora got the craziness from her father! If I ever see him, I would sue him!

Flora: in any case Robin, you were right about one thing. I did come here to get to know you better. Dad told me that you study history. So tell me, why did you choose this profession? Were you interested in the past?

Robin: Yes, that is one of the reasons I became an archaeologist. After all, I came from a family of archaeologists. However, even though archaeology runs in my blood, the biggest reason I became an archaeologist was to be close to my mother. When I was two years old, my mother, Nico Olvia, went on an expedition. I was left in the care of my uncle and aunt, but my childhood was far from happy. My aunt wasn’t exactly the nicest person in the family. Even since I started living in her house, she gave me nothing but scorn and contempt.

Flora: didn’t you have a father?

Robin: no, he died before I even knew him.

Flora: didn’t you have any friends?

Robin: Because of the Devil Fruit I ate, the Hana Hana no mi, I was treated differently. The other children always called me a monster. You can say that I was an outcast.

Flora: you know, it just happens that your past is very similar to Chopper’s. He was treated as an outcast in his herd because of his blue nose and he was also called a monster by the people he tried to befriend after eating his fruit.

Robin: I see, I never knew that we have so much more in common. However, not everyone in Ohara treated me cruelly. The only friends I had were the scholars, my mother’s colleagues. The director of the old Ohara Library, Professor Clover, was a very kind man. He let me come to the library and read books whenever I liked. I figured that in order to see my mother again, I had to become one of the scholars so I devoted my time in studying archeology. At the age of eight, I passed the archeology exam and I was officially inducted as a scholar. At first it was a joyous occasion; that is until I revealed my intention to help solve the mystery of the Void Century. [Robin explains how researching poneglyphs was a serious crime.] To keep me from putting my own life at risk, Clover and the other scholars forbid me from taking part in their research. Even though they were only trying to protect me, I was still very upset especially after I worked very hard to become one of them.

Flora: so what happened next?

Robin: after that, I decided to spend some time alone on the shore and then I met someone who happened to be drifted to the island, a gentle giant named Jaguar D. Saul. He seemed strange at first, but I wasn’t intimidated in the slightest. We talked for a while and we became friends. He had a funny laugh too. It was like this: “Dereshishishishi”. It has been a very long time since I tried that laugh and I haven’t forgot how it sounds. As for the beginning of the tragic part of the story, it all started a few days after Saul’s arrival. He finished building a raft and I was having another nice conversation with him. When I told him about my mother, some shocking revelations followed. My mother was captured by the old government and Saul was a former Marine Vice Admiral who helped my mother escaped. Having been made aware of Ohara’s activities, the old government targeted Ohara and its scholars for destruction. I ran back to the library to see if my mother had returned but I did not find her there. Government agents arrived and rounded up all the scholars. Since I was only a child, they did not suspect me. Despite Clover’s pleas for me to escape to the refuge ship for civilians, I was reluctant to leave the scholars behind. Things went from bad to worse when the government agents found the poneglyph that the scholars were researching on. To ensure that the Void Century would never be revealed, the government initiated the destruction of Ohara with a Buster Call. [Robin then explains what a Buster Call is.]

Flora: so did you ever saw your mother?

Robin: When the Buster Call started, the chief of the agents was taking a woman away with him. I recognized that woman was my mother and I called out to her. The chief fled and left my mother behind when he almost got hit by cannon fire. After the agents left, it was just me and my mother together for the first time after six years. I get to hold her hand, something that I always wanted for so very long. Unfortunately, our reunion had to be cut short. My mother asked Saul to help me escape and that was the last I’ve seen of her and the other Oharan scholars. The world around me continued to fell apart as the Buster Call went on. Saul fought back against the Marine warships until Aokiji intervened. I could not board the refuge ship since the government agents knew who I was since I revealed my status as a scholar while I was calling out to my mother. To ensure that the mission would be completely successful, Akainu went as far as to destroy the refuge ship and every civilian on it. Though Aokiji detested Akainu’s actions, it did not stop him from ending Saul’s life. Before Saul was completely frozen, he assured me that I will find friends one day. I ran for the raft Saul built only to run into Aokiji again. However, instead of killing me, he chose to let me leave alive. The reason was that he and Saul were friends and Aokiji spared me to honor Saul’s wishes. I left Ohara on a boat Aokiji provided me. As the sole survivor, I looked back and watched my homeland engulfed in flames.

Flora: of all the backstories I heard from each of your crewmates, yours is truly one of the saddest tales I’ve ever heard.

Robin: I’m not even finished yet. My escape, however, did not go unseen by the old government. Knowing about my ability to read poneglyphs, they did everything in their power to put an end to me. They put a 79 million beli bounty on my head for supposedly sinking six Marine warships. They also convinced the common people that the scholars of Ohara, including me, were plotting to destroy the world. Thus, I survived the destruction of Ohara only to face a new nightmare: a life in a world that was against me. For the years that followed, I was on the run from the government that was relentlessly hunting me down. I went to various people, all who would attempt or planned to turn me in or kill me. I also joined up with different rogue organizations including pirate crews, but it was a matter of time before I had to leave each and every one of them. No matter how much people said my existence was a sin, I did whatever it took to survive since I still held a shred of hope that I could achieve my life’s goal. Sixteen years after the Ohara incident, I joined a secret crime syndicate called Baroque Works, run by the then Shichibukai, Crocodile, who considered my ability to decipher poneglyphs as an asset in his plans. For the next four years, I was Miss All-Sunday, the vice president of the organization. In exchange for Crocodile’s protection from the old government, I followed his orders and ensured that every agent did the same. Perhaps you already knew the organization’s objective and that the then princess of Alabasta, Nefertari Vivi, and her captain of the royal guard infiltrated the organization. I allowed them to discover the leader’s identity, but I also told the leader everything they knew. Fortunately for the princess, she had your fearless father and his crew on her side by the time Crocodile ordered her to be eliminated. Now I’ll get to the part where I was in the Alabasta Royal Tombs. In the tombs, there is a poneglyph that has the information that Crocodile needed. I read the poneglyph only to learn that not even a piece of the True History was written on it. When Crocodile asked me about the contents of the poneglyph, I lied to him, saying that the stone only tells history. He did not buy it. He then turned on me and left me for dead. After Crocodile’s defeat, I felt like I finally reached the end of the line. I gave up on living and would have let myself die if your stubborn father had not committed the crime of forcing me to go on. So that was the second time I was saved by someone with the initial D. You know what happened next, do you?

Flora: you stowaway on dad’s ship, surprised everyone, and asked dad to let you join him.

Robin: I had nowhere else to go and your father needed to take responsibility for his actions. Though the rest of the crew, save for Sanji, were initially skeptical of me joining, it wasn’t long before I won them over. Even Nami quickly accepted me after I showed her a bag of jewels.

Flora: so did you feel at ease after joining my father, knowing that he had no ill-intent towards you?

Robin: I was grateful to your father for letting me join and I must say that unlike the previous groups of people I’ve been with, I really enjoyed staying with the Straw Hats. They were such a lively and fun-loving bunch. I helped the crew on several occasions in the following adventures on Jaya and Skypiea. After I read the poneglyph on the Golden Bell, I discovered a message left behind by Gold Roger. [explains what the message was] That’s how I realized that the Rio Poneglyph is on Raftel. After all the excitement I experienced together with the crew, I actually grown closer to them. However, on Long Ring Long Land after the Davy Back Fight against the Foxy Pirates, I shook in fear when I encountered Aokiji again. The admiral then tried to turn the crew against me by telling them a little about my past, emphasizing that every organization I joined was wiped out with me as the only survivor. While others would instantly throw me away to preserve their own lives, the other Straw Hats stood up on my behalf instead. Even though Aokiji did not kill any of us, the admiral took away my peace of mind. After we arrived at Water 7, my loyalty to the Straw Hats was put to the test after I had a run-in with CP9. You were told about how I seemingly betrayed your father and the other Straw Hats, am I correct?

Flora: you were blackmailed into cooperating with this CP9 and you put my father in a dire situation.

Robin: yes, I did take part in framing your father for the attempted assassination of Iceburg. But the old government would have done a lot worse if I did not comply. During my twenty years on the run, the Straw Hats are the first people I ever cared about. I couldn’t bear to let them die and I was paranoid that they would one day consider me a terrible burden so I willingly surrendered myself to the government. Despite my attempts to sever ties with the Straw Hats, the stubborn crew just couldn’t let me go. When I was at Enies Lobby awaiting my fate, I was extremely surprised that my friends followed me all the way there still trying to take me back. Once I made it clear to them that the whole world was my enemy, the crew gone and burned down the government flag, showing me once and for all that they would never abandon me even if it also meant becoming enemies of the world as well. Your father urged me to say that I want to live which was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. I’ve never been happier seeing that Saul was indeed right, but I was also traumatized to see another Buster Call. Thanks to Franky, I was able to get over my past. After all, it was nothing like Ohara. I’m not the same scared little girl and I wasn’t alone in the ensuing battle. In the end, we were saved by a miracle.

Flora: the Going Merry?

Robin: yes, it was indeed the Going Merry. And this time, it was the government who suffered the losses. After returning to Water 7 safely with everyone, I finally discovered the place where I belong: with people who are foolish, bold, doesn’t know when to quit, and never sell out one of their own. After the Enies Lobby incident was far behind us, I was surprised to learn that Luffy is related to Garp and Dragon. I had no idea that there was so much more to Luffy than meets the eye. When I first saw Garp, I couldn’t believe how much he and Luffy were alike. Speaking of Garp, you did have a chance to meet him, did you?

Flora: yes, I did meet my great-grandfather. He’s a happy old man.

Robin: That’s nice, because considering how old he is, there’s no telling when his life will come to an end. By the way, I believe I still have a story to continue. After Garp left, we had a very fun party. While I was standing alone, Aokiji spoke to me in secret. That was when he revealed the reason why he allowed me to escape from Ohara. When I confirmed to him that I found my home with the Straw Hats and that I planned to show him that Saul’s decision was right, he kindly advised me to live my life to the fullest. A few days later, it was time for us to leave Water 7 on our new ship and to recruit Franky into the crew. Were you told about how I helped persuade Franky to join?

Flora: no, I wasn’t.

Robin: would you like to hear about it?

Flora: sure, do tell.

Robin talks about the moment while giggling.

Flora: that sounds a bit… too painful

Robin: I thought it was funny, hearing him scream in agony.

Flora: When you met Roger’s first mate, Rayleigh, at Sabaody Archipelago, did you ask him anything about the True History?

Robin: I did and though he confirmed that he did find out about the True History, Rayleigh admitted that the Roger Pirates did not have a scholar of Ohara’s caliber and that Roger was able to learn the True History because he had the power to hear the voice of all things. I still could have heard about the True History from Rayleigh, but I decided to determine the truth on my own.

Flora: so which island did Kuma send you to?

Robin: I was sent to Tequila Wolf in the East Blue. [Robin then talks about Tequila Wolf.] It turned out that I did not need to escape since the revolutionaries came and liberated the island. Apparently, Kuma intended that I meet them there. They then offered me a meeting with your grandfather, Dragon. Initially, I declined the offer but I changed my mind after reading your father’s secret message. Before then, I never thought about becoming strong for someone else.

Robin then talks about the adventures in the New World and the conclusion.

Robin: The old government feared that the closer we get to Raftel, the closer I uncover the Void Century. They became desperate and kept escalating their efforts to obliterate everyone in the crew, especially your father and me. They sent various assassins after us, but all of their attempts ended in failure though luck did play a part in our survival. After I read the Rio Poneglyph and discovered the True History, the old government’s downfall began and the rest is history. Now that I’m no longer labeled a demon of Ohara, I am free to live a life of my own. The new government assisted me in rebuilding my homeland, which is now known as New Ohara. This library and my new home, the Tower of Omniscience, is built on the exact same spot where the Tree of Omniscience once stood. Right outside, there is a monument for all the Oharan scholars that perished at the hands of the old government. Among the list of names, you’ll find Clover and my mother.

Flora: wait a minute. Did you say you live in this tower?

Robin: that is correct. I prefer making my home here because it is my sworn duty to safeguard all the treasures that are stored here.

Flora: I see. By the way Robin, for every poneglyph you read, can you tell me what each of them says?

Robin: curious, aren’t you. Alright, I’ll tell you what I know. [tells Flora what is written on every poneglyph she found during her journey]

Robin: ok then Flora, I told you my story. Now I want to hear a story from you.

Flora: from me?

Robin: yes, I did say I want to get to know you, so care to share anything with me?

Flora: I don’t see why not. Well, fortunately for me, I was never burdened by any tragedy. I had a happy and carefree childhood. Whenever my mother and aunts were away on pirate expeditions, Granny Nyon takes care of me. I always cherish the fun times I had with her and I do miss the funny faces she makes whenever I get her… worked up. Time and time again, she would complain about how troublesome I was. But she’s always kind and caring and I do think of her as a grandmother. When the Kuja Pirates return, mother would give me a warm hug and my aunts would give me piggyback rides. Since I was only a child living on a women-only kingdom, I was completely ignorant of men. The only thing I did know was that Kuja rumor that men can stretch.

Robin: were you able to make any friends?

Flora: despite being the daughter of the empress, the other Kujas still treat equally. I did play with the other Kuja children, but my overprotective mother would occasionally scare them off. Most importantly, my fellow Kujas are relieved that I don’t have the gorgon eyes like my mom and aunts supposedly once had. [Flora then explains to Robin about the so-called gorgon legend.] What was really on their backs was the mark of the World Nobles, the people that mom and aunties loathe very much. However, when I look at their backs, I never saw the mark, just huge scars. Mom and aunties cut off their marks before I was born because they don’t want me to see it. Now that they have nothing to hide, they don’t have to be left alone when they bathe. The other Kujas believe that they somehow remove the gorgon eyes while retaining their cursed powers. Among the tribe, only Granny Nyon and I know that the gorgon legend is a lie, but I did not know that my mother and aunts got their powers from fruits. That aside, I started my Kuja training at the age of five. My Kuja instructors include those who are well-acquainted with my father: Marguerite, Sweet Pea, Aphelandra, and Kikyo. Kikyo is the strictest.

Robin: did you have any favorite hobbies?

Flora: A few months after I turned seven, I took a liking into hunting boars. Once every month, I go to the forest, kill a boar, and take my prey back to the Kuja castle.

Robin: how interesting. Did you have any knowledge of your father before you met him?

Flora: Sometimes, I saw mom fantasizing in her bedroom and kept uttering the word “Luffy” over and over again. My curiosity eventually got the better of me and so I asked mom what is “Luffy” and why my surname is Monkey instead of Boa. That was when mom told me that I have a father. Whenever I tried asking her about him, she starts daydreaming. I went and asked Granny Nyon and she told me the story of how they first met. When I was eight, I finally met my father in person. Considering that the first man mom saw made her miserable, I’m happy that the first man I saw was the one she loves. It may have been only a day, but I guess I should feel honored that I had the privilege to see my father at all. I wish I knew where he was going before he… vanished. Mom is getting more and more worried that she will never see him again.

Robin: hopefully your father did not end up on the bottom of the sea.

Flora: nonetheless, the day I met my father was the most important day of my life. Dad told me that I needed to become strong before I can go explore the outside world. Since I don’t have any Devil Fruit powers like my parents, I trained to excel at Haki, mainly Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku Haki. My goal was simple. Before I can be confident to travel the world on my own, I had to become the strongest Kuja warrior next to my mom and aunts. Six months after meeting my father, I went back to the forest to hunt again, but it seemed that the boars were prepared for me. They tried to overwhelm me with sheer numbers and that was when I used Haoshoku Haki for the first time. After realizing that I can use that form of Haki, I returned to the forest every once in a while to practice, but mastering that skill did proved to be difficult. I kept it a secret from the others, wanting to surprise them later. When I was ten, a pirate crew that somehow acquired a ship lined with seastone attempted to invade Amazon Lily. The crew consisted of men of course.

Robin: that seems foolish of them. Were the Kuja Pirates on the island during that time?

Flora: Unfortunately for the pirates, yes. But it was my aunts who personally dealt with them and that was the first time I’ve ever seen them in their snake forms. It was a very short battle and most of the invaders were wiped out. The survivors are condemned to eternity as stone statues but after the Kujas had an opportunity to see if they stretch. I will always remember the moment when hundreds of Kujas lined up waiting for a chance to touch them only to be disappointed to find out that they were not stretchable like my father. I could have told them that only my father could stretch but where’s the fun in that. When it’s time up, I witness my mother using her petrifying abilities for the first time.

Robin: You are lucky to have met your father first. What would happen if he wasn’t the first man you saw?

Flora: I guess I would be wary of him instead of happy. I’m just glad that wasn’t the case. After that incident, I was kind of envious of my parents and aunts for having amazing Devil Fruit powers. But I was told that there are incredibly strong people who are not even fruit users so I took comfort in that knowledge. I trained hard continuously day after day to further hone my skills. On my eleventh birthday, mother gave me my very own snake companion.

Blu: yep, and we have been inseparable ever since.

Flora: When I was thirteen, another pirate crew attacked Amazon Lily and this time the Kuja Pirates were away. Regardless, those men soon learn the hard way that we Kujas are more than just pretty on the eyes. Before my brethren clashed with the pirates, I tried using Haoshoku Haki. It worked, but not in the way I intended. While I did knock out most of the pirates, I also unintentionally rendered some of my fellow Kujas unconscious as well. That was only a minor setback since I still made things easier for the Kuja warriors. The pirates were swiftly defeated and incarcerated, but my fellow Kujas did wonder what happened at the beginning of the conflict. I did not tell them it was me, but Granny Nyon was well aware of it. She then told me a thing or two about Haoshoku Haki. As for the pirates, mother turned them to stone after she returned. But like before, the Kujas took an opportunity to see if they stretch before they were petrified. By the time I turned seventeen, I became a full-fledged Kuja warrior and I surpassed every warrior in the tribe except for my mother and aunts.

Robin: so did you get your mother’s approval before you left home?

Flora: not at first, I still need to prove to mom that I am capable of taking care of myself. Four days after my seventeenth birthday, a gigantic battleship, larger than the Kuja ship and holding hundreds of pirates, suddenly arrived. The Kuja Pirates prepared to defend the kingdom, but I volunteered to fight all the invaders by myself.

Blu: Hey, don’t forget you had me by your side.

Flora: The entire Kuja tribe thought I was going mad, but I was able to sway them to stand back. All of them watched anxiously as I stood in front of the army of pirates. The first thing those men did were laugh hysterically and throw insults at me. Can you guess what my first move was?

Robin: did you use Haoshoku Haki?

Flora: yes, and this time, it worked perfectly and I took out more than half of the enemy forces. I took a brief moment to look at everyone’s faces; they were completely stunned. I, of course with my snake, then proceed to attack the pirates who didn’t faint including the captain and his top henchmen. Eventually, it was just me and the captain left standing. He was well-armed and ferocious, but I wasn’t afraid as I was able to read his every move. When I finally struck down the captain, I hear loud cheers coming from all the spectators. Mom proudly inducted me into the Kuja Pirates, but I had other plans. I gained the confidence to tell everyone that I’m going on my own adventure. Mom was insistent that I join her crew, but she relents when I said that I was going to find dad.

Robin: do you keep in touch with your mother?

Flora: you have no idea how often she sends me messages.

Robin: did you encounter any hostile pirates along the way?

Flora: hundreds of times. Because I’m a girl, they tend to underestimate me. Needless to say, they got what’s coming to them.

Robin: where was your first stop?

Flora: My first stop was father’s homeland. Before meeting my great-grandfather, I met two of dad’s old friends, Makino and Woop Slap. That was the first time in nine years that I ever had a friendly conversation with another man after my father. After leaving Dawn Island, the first Straw Hat member I encountered, not counting dad, was of course the swordsman, Zoro. After seeing him in action, I challenged him to a duel to see the difference between us. That was the first time I lost to a man in combat.

Robin: it’s really nothing to be ashamed about. Zoro is completely on a different level.

Blu: yeah Flora, you should be thankful that he did not hurt you.

Robin: so Flora, did you get a chance to see what each of us are capable of?

Flora: I never saw how father used his Devil Fruit powers in battle, but I did witness first-hand the abilities of each of his crewmates.

Blu: or in Franky’s case, you… [Flora whacks Blu.]

Flora: not another word. Anyway, I’m glad it wasn’t a waste of time.

Robin: Flora, when you met Brook, he didn’t ask you to show him your panties, did he?

Flora: actually he did.

Robin: seems like some things never change. What did you do next?

Flora: I showed him my panties. Why?

Robin: oh, it’s nothing. So do you have any leads on your father’s whereabouts?

Flora: despite coming this far, I haven’t come anywhere closer to finding my father. To be honest, I really don’t have a single clue. The main reason I went on this adventure was to see new places and meet new people. However, deep down, I am hoping that someday and somehow, I’ll actually run into him.

Robin: if you do find him, I have no doubt that he’ll be proud of how much you’ve grown. Speaking of your father, did he tell you about the Will of D.?

Flora: the Will of D.? Never heard of it.

Robin: so he never told you the meaning of your middle initial.

Flora: my middle initial? I thought the “D” in my name is just a letter.

Robin then explains to Flora the Will of D. Flora is left astonished.

Blu: so when a person with a “D” dies, they die with a smile. How strange.

With their meeting concluded, Flora and Blu take their leave.

Flora: Robin, it sure has been nice meeting you.

Robin: [waves goodbye to Flora as she walks away from the Tower of Omniscience] farewell and good luck

After leaving New Ohara….

Blu: so what now? Are we going to search for your father?

Flora: Even if I want to, the problem is I don’t know where to look. I’m thinking of going back home to Amazon Lily.

Blu: Flora, you did told your mother that you were going to find your father.

Flora: I know. What was I thinking? I should have thought of another way to convince her to let me leave. Oh well, mom misses me and I’m certain she’ll be happy to see me with or without my father. Besides, we’re out here now and we can go anywhere we like.

And so finally, Flora has met every member of the Straw Hat Pirates (only including those who joined the crew prior to the timeskip not after). Where is Flora going next?