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During his introduction, it is said that hanging, blades, and spears can’t kill him. It is said that nothing can kill him, even when he attempts suicide.

Other than jumping from a sky island, has Kaido tried any of the following?

  • poison
  • acid
  • drowning
  • suffocation
  • shoot himself in the mouth
  • swallow a bomb
  • jump into a volcano
  • get electrocuted on Raijin Island
  • go to the Calm Belt and get eaten by a Sea King

There are plenty of ways in which Kaido can use for attempting suicide, but I guess we’ll never know how they will work out. I’m curious to how Kaido would fair against Magellan’s Venom Demon. Unfortunately, as the plot dictates, Kaido isn’t just going to up and die on us. Too bad for Nami, Usopp, Chopper, and Brook. I bet they’ll be greatly overjoyed if Kaido actually kills himself.

As the story goes, it’s obvious that Luffy will eventually fight Kaido to get one step closer to becoming Pirate King. It will be a titanic struggle. Luffy will receive severe injuries and will likely lose to Kaido once or twice before eventually defeating him. Even though Luffy has the capability, the tenacity, and the luck to overcome his adversaries, Luffy is never known for killing his enemies no matter how hard he hit them. Even if he develops new techniques to defeat Kaido, I doubt he will ever take a life. But due to the threat Kaido poses, it’s clear that he’s too dangerous to be left alive. I seriously don’t expect a man who commands a horrendous crew would turn over a new leaf. Considering Kaido’s history in sinking prison ships, I doubt the Marines can drag him to Impel Down.

However, Luffy doesn’t have to be the one to kill Kaido. After Luffy defeats him, someone else may come along, take advantage of Kaido’s weakened state, and somehow finish him off themselves just like what the Marines did with Zephyr in One Piece Film Z and Byrnndi World in the 3D2Y special. It is said that Kaido has been searching for a place to die and the Marineford Arc already shows that not everyone can have the plot armor. If Hannyabal gets to fulfill his dream of becoming chief warden of Impel Down so why not fulfill Kaido’s desire to die.

By the way, the weapons that Franky plans to build better pack a punch.