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After Big Mom was first mentioned, people have been guessing that Big Mom is Lola's mother. However, when I first saw Big Mom's personality during the Fishman Island Arc, I did not want to believe it. But it had to be true in the end.

Lola said that her mother would give the Straw Hats a helping hand if they need it. I guess she never expected that her mother would be the cause of their current predicament. And Big Mom learning about Lola's friendship with the Straw Hats isn't helping at all.

Now that Big Mom showed her low opinion on Lola, I do wonder how much Lola actually knew about her own mother. How would she feel if she heard that Big Mom was willing to let her father die? And what would she think if she heard what Big Mom just said about her? I always knew that Lola running away from the family would be seen as betrayal and this chapter just confirms it. I suppose Lola is lucky that Big Mom does not know where she currently is.

I also wonder if Oda deliberately misled us into thinking that Lola's mother would become a potential ally. It's clear as day that Big Mom and Luffy were meant to be enemies from the start and that Big Mom is one of those people that Luffy needs to defeat someday.