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  • Fliu

    My Opinion on the Giants

    September 17, 2017 by Fliu

    The fact that a five-year old Linlin was able to devastate an Elbaf village so easily made me question how great the giants are supposed to be.

    Chiffon stated that the army of Elbaf is supposed to be the strongest, but let’s picture a scenario where a Yonko’s crew battles against an army of Elbaf giants. Surely, the giants can deal with the low-rank grunts, which would leave the captain and those high in the crew’s hierarchy (such as the ministers and the Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates or the Three Disasters of the Beasts Pirates) as the legitimate threat. We already saw powerful humans who could take down giants like nothing. Whitebeard took down Ronse and then John Giant. Luffy defeated a Marine giant with just one Gear Third pun…

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  • Fliu

    Here is how I image Bartolomeo meeting Shanks.

    Somewhere on an island in the New World, Shanks and his crew are just chilling and drinking sake as they usually do.

    However, a member of the Red Hair Pirates receives word of what is going on in one of their territories and reports to Shanks.

    Red Hair Pirate member: Captain! I have some urgent news to report!

    Shanks: (sighs) what is it now? Can’t you see I want to drink some more?

    Red Hair Pirate member: There’s a pirate crew causing trouble on one of our islands! And get this! They even burned down our flag!

    The other Red Hair Pirates are alarmed at the news.

    Benn Beckman: wow, I’m not sure if they’re bold or just plain stupid.

    Rockstar: The nerve of them! How dare they disrespect Shanks like that! …

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  • Fliu

    Germa Straw Hats

    July 12, 2017 by Fliu

    After looking at the cover page for Chapter 872, I felt like giving each Straw Hat germa names. Here are my names for each of them.

    Elastic Red Luffy

    Sharp Green Zoro

    Weather Orange Nami

    Star Yellow Usopp (the “star” is a word that Usopp uses in his usual attack names)

    Blaze Blue Sanji (the “blaze” is referring to the fire from his Diable Jambe)

    Cotton Pink Chopper

    Petal Violet Robin (as in flower petals)

    Battle Tank Sky Blue Franky

    Skull Black Brook

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  • Fliu

    In stating the obvious, Bege’s assassination attempt was a complete failure. If they only had 3 KX Launchers, then it’s safe to assume that the KX Launcher plan is a complete bust. It wasn’t smart of Bege to use all three of them at once. He should only start with one to see how it goes. It pains me to say this, but Pekoms was right. Bege has been underestimating Big Mom and now the alliance is going to have to suffer for it. Unless Bege’s fortress has powerful defenses, the alliance will still be sitting ducks unless Bege could fly away.

    While things look grim, it may not be completely hopeless. Right now, Luffy and Bege’s best chance to get out of this predicament would be to join forces with Germa 66. Hopefully, Judge can summon his army…

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  • Fliu

    Other than the Big Mom assassination operation, another thing I would like to discuss is what the Vinsmoke Family is going to do next. I am curious on how Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are going to respond to Sanji rescuing them. Even though they have no emotions, I’m sure they have their pride and they’ll probably say something like they rather die at Big Mom’s hands than be indebted to the “failure” of the family. Judge would probably take a moment to process all that’s happened, considering that not only all his efforts in searching for Sanji and blackmailing him into the marriage were all for nothing, but he also ended up being saved by the very son he disowned.

    Assuming that the Charlotte Family and the Big Mom Pirates will still be incapaci…

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