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  • Fliu

    One thing I couldn’t stop thinking about is how completely ignorant Lola is of what kind of person her mother is. All these years after the Thriller Bark Arc, I was under the impression that Lola’s mother is a good and generous person and not the ugly she-ogre that is Big Mom. It’s understandable when Nami said she never thought that Big Mom would be the very same person that Lola spoke fondly of. It’s like Lola never even saw Big Mom’s bad side. Maybe none of the Charlotte children disobeyed Big Mom until Lola’s arranged marriage or maybe Big Mom did not kill any of her children before Moscato.

    So when Lola first talked about her mother, should she have told the Straw Hats who her mother was? Or should any of the Straw Hats at least ask Lo…

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  • Fliu

    I seriously despise Big Mom. I am curious about the giants’ reason for hating her, but it’s already clear that she’s not a likeable person. She has an ugly personality and she is a self-entitled barbarian who easily throws fits of destructive rage if things don’t go her way. Considering her capacity for cruelty, it is reasonable to believe that she must have done something to upset the giants or they simply just hate her guts.

    I am rooting for Bege and Luffy in their upcoming endeavor to take down Big Mom. Bege seems confident about his plan, but Law also had a plan to defeat Doflamingo and we saw how that turned out. Even though Law did his best, Luffy was the one to take down Doflamingo in the end. However, unlike Law, Bege also has the a…

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  • Fliu

    Totto Land Arc anime

    February 9, 2017 by Fliu

    It appears that the anime will be starting the Totto Land Arc soon (after the next episode). Based on recent history (over the past few years), it’s safe to say that there will be extended and “filler” scenes added into this arc.

    So let’s have a little fun speculating what will be extended and what will be added in the next anime arc.

    • The anime will add more scenes of Vivi, Shirahoshi, Rebecca, and the Sakura Kingdom.
    • The anime will show the confrontation between Kaido and Kid's group.
    • The anime will add a scene of Carrot sneaking aboard the Thousand Sunny.
    • The anime will add a scene of the Sanji Retrieval Team landing on the Thousand Sunny right after they jumped off of Zunisha.
    • The exploration of Cacao Island will be extended.
    • While recalling h…
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  • Fliu

    First of all, it’s nice that this arc finally confirms who Lola’s mother is. However, it is disappointing that Big Mom is not the loving mother that Lola thought she was. At least Big Mom’s vivre card was useful… in an unexpected way… while it lasted. Let’s hope that Nami will steal back the card later.

    Second, Pudding displaying a sinister side was shocking. I guess there is more to Pudding than meets the eye. What is Sanji going to do next? Is he going to sweet talk Pudding like he did to Viola and say something about not doubting a woman’s tears?

    Before jumping to conclusions, I would like to say it is possible that Pudding’s claim of Big Mom plotting to kill the Vinsmoke Family is a ruse to turn the family against Big Mom and she is acti…

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  • Fliu

    After Big Mom was first mentioned, people have been guessing that Big Mom is Lola's mother. However, when I first saw Big Mom's personality during the Fishman Island Arc, I did not want to believe it. But it had to be true in the end.

    Lola said that her mother would give the Straw Hats a helping hand if they need it. I guess she never expected that her mother would be the cause of their current predicament. And Big Mom learning about Lola's friendship with the Straw Hats isn't helping at all.

    Now that Big Mom showed her low opinion on Lola, I do wonder how much Lola actually knew about her own mother. How would she feel if she heard that Big Mom was willing to let her father die? And what would she think if she heard what Big Mom just said a…

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