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  • FleetAdmiral88

    So who do yall think is the most worthy to be the person Luffy fights at the end of the series?

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  • FleetAdmiral88

    So heres the deal, Funkfreed and Lasoo are alive because of their DF powers, what if they were dropped into the ocean, would it not just negate the DFs, making them not alive while submerged and when out of water the powers would be reactivated and they would be alive again, since they were not alive before obtaining the DF powers, would it not work different than with a human?Seastone has the same effect as the sea so they would lose their powers and "die" but if their powers were reactivated by coming out of contact they would be "revived", correct?

    Another section. Some people think one of the DFs they have is better than the other, which does everyone else thinks the best?

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  • FleetAdmiral88

    After the events at Marineford, all the stuff that Crocodile has done during the war to help Luffy, such as:

    -Stalling Aces execution, indirectly allowing Ace to spend his last moments with his brother Luffy.

    -Helping Luffy escape from Impel Down.

    -Along with Mr.1, stopped Mihawks assault on Luffy

    -Saving Luffy and Jinbei from Admiral Akainu.

    Do yall think, based on the above, that Strawhats crews opinion of Crocodile could change?

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  • FleetAdmiral88

    If u could pick a devil fruit to aid u in your everyday life what would u pick to totally change the aspects of your life?

    My personal favorite would be he Pika Pika no MI, do important stuff in no time so i can goof off the rest of the day, what would yall pick?

    Edit: And which one would be your personal favorite to use in a war. Id pick any logia,doku doku, or, th gura gura, for obvious reasons.

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  • FleetAdmiral88

    Now that CP9 is on the run from the government, and against the marines and pirates at the same time now, what do you think their view on justice is now and where they think it would reside now, will they take justice into their own hands, or do something surprising like join a yonkou to go against the marines, or maybe as far as revolutionaires.

    What do u think happened to them post time skip?

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