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How Did Blackbeard Acquire Other Devil Furit?

After Blackbeard wrapped the black cloth around Whitebeard, he did something in order to acquire the Gura Gura no Mi. What did he do exactly, can anyone give me a better theories than what I got? This is what I personally think:

  • In Episode 325 which is the fight between Ace and Blackbeard. The title of the Episode was the strongest and Wrost Devil Fruit which make me think that might be the reason why he be able to do it. But after watching the whole entire episode I found out that Blackbeard true power was actually infinite gravity. Blackbeard also explain to Ace that the his dark gravity is strong enough to leeches out the ability of a furit user out of their body. Which explain to how he get Gura Gura no Mi.
  • I think how he was be able to consume Gura Gura no Mi was because he be able to seal the power of the devil before he consume it so that his body and it is might also have something to do with what Marco said about his body "atypical body" is like normal people.

What does everyone think about this?