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  • Fist of fire

    it has been some time since we all saw the whitebeard war saga.

    and one of the great elements involved was garps decision concerning ace's execution.

    i have seen many OP fans say that garp was a horrible person, but i dont think that.

    i think garps decision was right, if he had freed ace what message would that have sendt?

    that the marines are to weak to protect the world, that whitebeards crew was too strong for them to handle.

    people forget why the marines exist, pirates like the strawhats and whitebeard are great i give you that.

    but what about the majority of pirates? what about blackbeard and kid? what about crocodile and hordy?

    the marines are there to protect the world from those people.

    inb4 the clelestial dragons and whatnot, i just want …

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