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OK this is my first prediction ever so bear with me.

Title:Zoro found!


????:So Tom was that kinda man pafupafupafu!

Franky:Yeah he was a great man Mr.puff*franky bursts into tears*

Mr puff:oh come on don't cry franky

P2 Meanwhile at the palace..

Shirahoshi:Help me somebody please!!

Luffy:Whoa no need to cry i thought you were coral!!

Shirahosh:The attacker thinks i'm coral wheeeeei

????:please calm down your majesty!!!!!


Shirahoshi:Oh help me Bask he thinks i'm coral.

Bask:Oh no he's one of our guests,sorry mister Luffy i commander of the neptune army Bask will show you around

  • Luffy and Bask walk out of the room*Please don't interrupt our majesty in her beauty sleep.

Bask:Ok now i will show you around *they walk up to a bar*

Luffy:Hey!I remember that green hair ooooooooi Zoro.

Zoro:Hm? hey Luffy all of you got lost didn't you all?and who is that big mouthed fishman??

P4 Somewhere at mermaid ruins next to the cove

Caribou:keheehehehehe some more top grade mermaids *hides behind some coral*

Mermaid:i wonder what could of happend?Oh you think they have been...anyway thanks for helping me search for them miss

Lady:this is such an interesting place fufufufu full of ancient manuscripts and drawings.

Caribou: What a human?and not just a human its the "demon child"nico robin! i better get away before she notices me!

Robin:*thinks to herself*:theres mud everywhere that reminds me of... That strange pirate!!!!*looks surprised*

Caribou:she found me better get away*runs away and bumps into......

P5 Back at franky and mr puff

Franky:So thanks for the parts mr puff

Mr puff:it's okay remember don't talk to anybody!!you're in the fishman district now so just get back to the ship okay?

Franky:walks out of the house and bumps against a little old mermaid

Little old mermaid:oh sorry mister could you help me i need to go to the palace.

Franky:i need to go to there too i'll bring you obasan

P6 At the palace Bask:me i'm bask the chief of the neptune arm..*he is cut off by luffy*

Luffy:him?he's big mouth-ossan

Bask:*thinks to himself*:big mouth ossan?i already have a nickname?

Zoro:*looks a bask's sword* whoa that's a meitou!!!!


Minister of the left:Oh boy oh boy

Neptune:what's wrong

minsiter of the right:prince fukaboshi is back and he has a message for you your majesty!!!!!!!!*Neptune reads the letter*Hhohohohoho so that what that ruckus was all bout?


Ussop:hey i see luffy and zoro!ooooooooooooooooi luffyyyyyy zoroooooooooo!

Nami:But who is that big shark fishman with them

Brook:he really catches the eye even though i don't have any eyes yohohohoh!!

Ussop:i think its a basking shark fishman.


Luffy/Zoro:hm?oh it's you*walk to the group*

Zoro:you did it and got lost again haven't you?

Nami:*hits him* you're always the one who gets lost!!!!

P10 back at sanji

Sanji:where are the guys and nami-Swan chopper?

Chopper:Oh you're awake.they are at the palace going to meet the mermaid princess.

Sanji:*fire starts to surround him*No way they went and go meet first those bastards i'll get there first and meet the princess!!!

Chopper:oi sanji!!!Don't think about it!!!

Sanji:*starts to jump from building to building*priiiiiiiiinceeeeeeesss*

chopper:Whoa sanji is so fast*bites a rumble ball and swiches into jumping point*oooooooooooooi sanjiiiiiiiiii

P11 Back at robin

Robin:*starts following the trail of mud and finds a phoneglyph!!*

Mermaid:uh miss is there something wrong?????

Robin:*gasp starts trying to read it*

Robin:oh no its in neptunian i'll try to decipher it somehow


Big page of the ruins with robin and the mermaid


mermaid:anyways my name is hikari

robin:huh oh yeah so lets go look for your friends.

Hikari:okay lets go!

P14 Neptune palace

Franky:whoa so this is neptune palace come on obasan lets go

little old mermaid:*walking slow*oh its ok you go ahead i'll catch up!

Franky:ok be careful!

little old mermaid:ok now to find that stupid husband of me!!!

P15 we see a huge shadow over caribou(whom is scared to death)

Caribou:w ww who arrrr you?

???:there is no need for you to know that

  • suddenly a small whirlwind catches caribou and throws caribou away*

Caribou:that strawhat it can't be its vander decken!!!

Vander decken:i the great vander decken will tak over tatsumaki!*caribou gets punched by a wind-fist and lands in a couple dozen meters away*

  • We see a victorious vander decken standing on the corpse*

Vander decken:that was to easy tatsutatsutatsu!

ok this was my first prediction so don't get too rough on the comments.