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Straw hats growth in power

The Straw Hats have gotten quite strong in these 2 years,i mean did you see Luffy take out that pacifista with one haki infused "jet pistol" that was amazing!And Sanji and Zoro also easily took out a pacifista.And now we still have 6 members who's powers still haven't been completely revealed(+1 counting Sunny).Nami easily almost destroyed a whole bar with one attack with her new technology from that Sky island ,and Ussop almost completely beat all the fake straw hats in one hit with his pop greens.Chopper's walking point has gotten much bigger and fluffier,Franky's arms have gotten bigger,for Robin and Brook:we did'nt see anything of their powers but i'm sure they did'nt sit there and do nothing.

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