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Ok to start off it was a wonderfull chapter this week Oda's is on fire!!!


The chapter started with the minister of the right and left with the ammoknights heading to fukaboshi.Somewhere else we see icaros forcing the citiznes to step on the fumi-e the same goes for daruma,hyozo,zeo and dosun but he's interrupted by fukaboshi who angrily punches him.Then we see some citizens complainin' that shirahoshi whent away we see our favourite maniac.The scene goes back to sea forest with then nami and co. ask what happened with arlong and we see a flashback of yosaku talkin' about jinbe.Jinbe finds out about nami's suffering and sanji asks with a angry face:"what you say next will decide whether or not i forgive you!!".We get a flashback of nami's horrible past its revealed that arlong park was based of sabaody park also that arlong and crew longed to be part of the human world.Mankinds hatred towards fishman didn't stop after Wb proclaimed that fishman island was his terrritory.Also its revealed that queen otohime longed for peace with the humans while fisher tiger saved all of the slaves.We get a flashback of the old times (just fifteen years ago) of the sunny pirates.


As i said last review its gettin' better and better.I was surprised that zeo was the kind of guy who chokes the guys,also that dosun easily got sent flying by fukaboshi.And so my fav scene was sanji with an angry face asking jinbe for an answer.I always wanted to see fisher tiger and he looks cool.And we get to see caribou back after a long time.




Overall chapter 10/10