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OK so im doing reviews now.To start with i just couldn't help thinking about whitebeard when neptune grasped the water around him and did :Marine combat:Ultra marine!!!


The chapter started with Zoro cutting Hodi the other fishman look scared and decide to chase them then you see a little NeptuneVSfishman which is quickly finished.Then one of hodis subordinates puts a pill in his mouth.Our "little" whale to come save grandpa.We see hodi grabbing grandpas tail thereby stopping him.The scene switches to luffy and co whom are now at sea forest(yippee).Franky's seen and introduced to shirahoshi.We see Jinbe again and he meets luffy again greets shirahoshi and pulls a face.Sanji's all saying things about painting.Luffy meets den and questions if he's a coating master.Suddenly an axe is only noticed by luffy and he kicks it away.Its explained how Otohime died and that Decken killed her.Nami's back!!!!And its revealed that jinbe sent arlong and co to east blue!!!!


I loved the last chapter but this was SO much better.I am glad we got to see naptune in action.I am also glad we saw jinbe reunite with luffy.I predict they would fight side-by-side.Also its shown HOW Decken killed Otohime with his poison fang like japanese bullhead sharks have one on their fin and im sure i'll play a role in the fighting.My fav moment was when neptune grabbed the water and hurlded at the fishmen.Also im kinda wonder why Jinbe let arlong loose.




Overall chapter=8,5/10