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Prediction: power new fishmen pirates and fight with straw hats

I think everybody was surprised when we saw the fishmen pirates beat those other pirates.

Hordi Jones

  • Will be fighting Luffy (Who would have thought that ;) )
  • A little weaker than Jimbe (I think)
  • Will have problems keeping up with upgraded Luffy and resort to using his pills. By doing that, he will force Luffy to activate Gear 2 and eventually Gear 3.

Icaros Muhhi

  • Will be fighting Zoro
  • What fits better with 8 spears than Asura
  • Will overpower Zoro and force him to use Asura


  • Will be fighting Chopper because of his size. Or Nami because it's more brains than muscles.
  • His abilities will be: great strategy, great speed because I did some research and found out that they can suddenly speed up.


  • Will be fighting Sanji because they are both martial artists
  • Abilities: great camouflage and fishmen karate
  • He will slightly overpower Sanji and force him to use diable jambe


  • Will be fighting Franky because of their size
  • Abilities: giant hammer and will be able to sense prey with electrical waves (like sharks can in real life), and because Franky is a Cyborg, he will easily find him.
  • It will be a fight of raw strength

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