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Well, someone had to do it

Essentially, because Shonen Jump magazine is cracking down on things like early releases of their manga series, our weekly fix is going to be delayed for a few days or so, meaning we'll probably have our One Piece chapter releases on a different day from now on. 


Q. So I saw other manga like Hajime no Ippo and [insert shit here] chapter releases today, so why aren't One Piece and [other shits] out?

A. Since it was the Shonen Jump chapters that hadn't been released, I'm assuming it's just Jump that's doing all this. Weekly Shonen Magazine and whatnot (holders of Fairy Tail, UQ holder, etc.) probably haven't been affected.

Q. Why is Fin so stupid

Q. Will we no longer be getting scanlations of One Piece and other manga?

A. As far as I know, the only thing that's been affected is the scanlation release date. In other words, we'll still get the new chapters online.

Q. When is this week's chapter (aka One Piece 758) coming out?

A. No idea, but a user KuroAshi suggested that it'll be on Mondays from now on.

Q. Are my parents ever coming back?

A. no

That's all I know, so until then, whoever gets more info, feel free to put it in the comments below

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