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So liek, dis arc is totally fugging nutz. Srsly.

Basically, we have these groups already involved:

Supernovas (Law and Luffy) (and Zoro)  

and the lobster guy

World Government (CP0)

Shichibukai (Donquixote Pirates)

Yonko (Big Mom) (Kaido and Blackbeard aren't involved enough YET, though it's a possibility.)

Marines (Long list, not gonna go into it)

Revolutionary Army (Sabo and Koala, possibly other members)

Super Rookies (Barto, Cavendish, etc.)

and then the other groups, such as the gladiators and assassins and whatnot. And this is just a rough estimate from what we've seen so far.

.......jeezus. >_>

Well, if there will indeed be a war, what do you guys think would happen? I'm thinking, what with all these allying themselves with Luffy (hapo army, barto, etc.) combined with the dwarves and their forces, and a few Revolutionaries to boot, they've already got quite the army on their hands. As for the other side, sure, they've got CP0, Doffy pirates, and a bunch of marines. Then there's Big Mom, who's basically just the 3rd wheel here, despite being one big-ass wheel. What do you think?