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From what we know, Trébol has a fruit that turns people into toys. And yet, his entire body is something reminiscent of something you'd cough up during one of those real chesty colds. He can stick on ceilings, stick to people and lift them up with his.... appendages? And, he can stretch himself a considerable amount. So what on earth is he?


Theory 1. Some form of glue fruit, enabling him to both stick on walls, people, stretch, etc. and function as a form of glue used to put toys together. (possibly paramecia or logia, more likely paramecia)

Theory 2. A form of sticky fruit that allows you to stretch yourself much like the gomu gomu fruit, but doubles as a slimy, sticky gum-like substance. Not only can he stick to tangible things, but he can also stick to a person's soul itself, and transfer it from body to toy. (very unlikely and far-fetched) (paramecia)

Theory 3. A substance that allows the user to completely envelop a person, turning them into a toy. Substance unknown. (just throwing ideas out, basically a repeat of first) (paramecia)

This fruit is pretty strange, if Trébol does indeed have the power to do both stick everywhere AND turn people into toys. Anywho, tell me what you think.