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Ok, so I was thinking a little about the Yonkou and Doflamingo, and what will happen during the rest of this arc. I guess you can call this a long-term prediction, so here goes;

SH pirates, after delivering Caesar (or at least attempting to), will regroup at ship.

Something will happen that will prevent Luffy from winning the colloseum, and Bellamy, Bartolomeo or maybe even Rebecca (doubt it) will end up winning.

Sanji will continue to lust after Violet, which will eventually get him caught up in something nasty and/or could possibly give him some info.

SH pirates regroup completely after being warned by CP0 not to interfere with their business (or something)

Some shocking events will transpire, fanboys/girls will erupt in arguments, who's next to join, theories, speculations, etc.

SH pirates and possibly allies will destroy the SAD factory, defeat Donquixote pirates, Kinemon's friend is saved, yada yada.....

CP0 will then deal with a weakened and dying Doflamingo, and his fate remains off-panel.

Luffy will somehow get the fruit.

Fujitora will ignore Luffy as thanks for dealing with SAD and not Doflamingo.

SH pirates take off with Law once again and retrieve Law's comrades.

Somehow, they reach Big Mom first and Luffy defeats her (after whatever).

Big Mom, weakened and in need of help, is confronted by Kaido on her own island. BM then asks him for assistance, "oh, help me you old fart" or whatever, and Kaido smiles and kills her. He then leaves and talks about Luffy.

Vegapunk makes an appearance at some point. (i hope)

Well, even if it wasn't very clear, that's what I think will go down. This blog alone encompasses like, 3 more years of OP manga, so yeah.

See ya.