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Hey yo, what's going on? It's been a good week, great chapter with a final ultimatum from Luffy, who could want more? By the way, to those of you working with DancePowderer on the Akainu/Aokiji prediction, good luck, because I'm looking forward to it!

Now, about the title. I usually don't do many predictions about fruits, or new chapters, or any of that. But at some point in time, I was outside, where it was cold as hell outside, and I was kind of surprised about how much it affected me physically. So then I got the idea, what if there was a temperature fruit? It would be paramecia, and the user would have the ability to alter the temperature of either themselves or other people with the touch of one of their hands, sort of how Crocodile can dry things up using his hand. They would have an incredible range of powers, being able to make oceans freeze up like Aokiji, causing rocks to melt with intense heat, or even freezing up carbon dioxide in the air at will. If they were in a hot place, they could keep themselves cool. In a cold place, they could keep themselves warm. They could be naked on Drum island and still be warm.

Wait, there's more. I remember when Nami's staff was really shitty, where it was part party gimmick, part weapon. In order to create wind or rain, she had to use warm air bubbles and cold air bubbles. If someone with this fruit were able to create warm air and cold air and control them in such a maneuver, they could make a goddamn tornado in the middle of nowhere. But wait, I'm not done.

Remember Monkey D. Dragon in Loguetown? He allegedly saved Luffy from Smoker with some sort of "power over the weather". Some people say he's literally some kind of weather dragon, others say he's got some kind of wind power. Well, what if he had the ability to change temperatures? For those of you thinking, "well, Nami needed electro bubbles to make lightning, and you can't make lightning with just warm and cold air", remember, lightning is merely a static discharge in the air caused by an uneveness in electricity in the atmosphere (more or less), including in clouds. So, he would still be able to have power over lightning. That was my prediction. Hope you liked it, because you won't be seeing them too often. Give me your feedback, suggestions, or whatever.