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Ok, so, I'm kinda lost on when one piece 635 is coming out, so if anyone can tell me, thanks. Because I don't like wasting people's time with dumb questions, I'm gonna make a prediction, but not like predictions you all are used to.

So, I had this thought that because Hordy is so afraid of Luffy from his amazing strength and abilities, that after Luffy and the gang have taken out the rest of the 50,000 warriors, the SH pirates and allies will briefly celebrate, though Hordy would have long retreated to the palace and left the remaining New Fishman Pirates to fight the Strawhats. As Luffy realizes his mistake, he will have left to go find and confront Hordy, as his allies fight off the enemies. Meanwhile, the giant ship that Van Der Decken threw at Shirahoshi will have slowly been gaining speed and moving closer and closer to fishman island, as Decken laughs. The inhabitants slowly begin to notice the oncoming ship, the only one with a shred of a chance of stopping the ship would have been Luffy, who has gone off in search of Hordy. Eventually, though, Shirahoshi is able to muster up the courage to put her powers to use, and she is able to control them with ease, commanding hundreds of sea kings to arise and come to stop the gigantic ship, eventually saving the island. Decken, horrified, is soon chased off by the numerous sea kings. That's all i got so far.

Remember, this is a prediction that spans for about 4 chapters. I'm not the best with, predictions, but i hope you liked it.