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Ok, so Robin and Usopp went into the woods on Green Bit, found some marines, watched them get stripped naked, and then Robin supposedly caught a dwarf. Yeah.

Well, as of right now, it's up in the air as to what they really are, but it certainly fits the current theme. We've got fairies, toy-puppet-whatever things, and now dwarves. Well, here are a few alternate theories I have about all three of these guys-

1. The dwarves and fairies are the same. People just call them fairies because they can't see them, and it's more of a nickname than a classification. The dwarves, isolated on Green Bit, send people to Dressrosa to steal valuable items and supplies for a more comfortable lifestyle. They originally lived on Dressrosa, but years ago, they were driven out to Green Bit. The goal of the Toys is to destroy the Smile factory and return the dwarves to the main island.

2. The dwarves and the fairies have some adorable little war going on between them, resulting from the dwarves' isolation from the main island. On top of that, the toys are the bystanders between the two, deciding that in order to restore peace between the two, the factory must be destroyed and the dwarves returned to their mainland, which was previously destroyed and occupied by the Smile Factory. 

3. The dwarves are similar to the Klabautermann, in which they represent the spirit of ships, but in this case, they're the spirits of the toys. (worst theory of mine)

Well, that's all I got for now. I have some other theories, but they're waaaay too jumbled up and ridiculous to be worth talking about, so these'll have to do. 

What do you guys think? If you think my theories suck, then feel free to convince me yours is/are better.

Which theory wins?

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