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It's here, it's back and the greatest thing EVER!

It's the One Piece Wikia Podcast!

We've got a new lineup of hosts, specifically; <--- looks and sounds like a pikachu <--- the coolest and handsomest and probably has a lot of girlfriends <--- is actually a zombie <--- the Belgian impostor <--- English (don't ask) <--- the only girl :(

We've got 6 hosts so as to prevent strain on peoples' schedules, meaning you get a podcast every time there's a chapter no problem. After this podcast, there will be 3 hosts per podcast plus an additional guest (only on special occasions and for anyone who calls our admins the Booger Bunch). This week, your hosts are




12th Supernova

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EDIT: for those of you who sent questions to, please resend them to Unfortunately, the ones you sent to the other email were all flushed down the toilet (we ran out of tp). Thanks and till next podcast!