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New Crewmate or Allies?

Fintin April 16, 2014 User blog:Fintin

So, saw the recent activity, wiki was looking pretty dull. Not happy to look at. I felt like shaking things up with a little:

Yes, yes, it's very exciting.


Many people keep wondering, "Who's going to be the next crewmate/nakama/friend/Vivi?" and/or something like "BARTOLOMEO/REBECCA/KYROS/BELLAMY/FIN 4 NEXT STRAW HAT!!!"

Then there are others that say "no fu no more crewmates è__é"

Problem is, these arguments are always in random opinionated blogs. UGH.

So I'm here to save the day! \( ^__^)/ (I'll send you the bill.)

Basically, the most viable options in the New World are:

1. New crewmates recruited, giving the Straw Hats the strength they need to overcome the New World.

2. Allies and alliances are created, giving Straw Hats necessary support in their future endeavors in the New World.


Question is, why are or why aren't more crewmates necessary? You can either give your reasons below, or be lazy and vote.


The poll was created at 02:36 on April 16, 2014, and so far 42 people voted.

Ciao, children.  Fintin  Talk  

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