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One thing that's been going around lately is about Luffy's family. First of all, they've definitely got some narcolepsy as a dominant gene. No one can deny that. Even Ace somehow picked that up, even without being in the Monkey family. Second of all, we know that most of them have a Will of the D., so we may be able to assume that luffy's mother and grandmother may also have the Will of the D. We are also fairly familiar with the outstanding things, good and bad, that they've done alongside and against the world government, Dragon as a Revolutionary Leader, Luffy as a Supernova, Garp as the Hero of the Marines, and Ace (though adopted) a commander of Whitebeard's Pirates, who dubbed him Firefist Ace. All we really know now about Luffy's family is that Monkey D. Garp (Grandfather to Luffy) and Monkey D. Dragon (Father to Luffy) are definitely blood related to each other and Luffy, and that Ace, (adopted brother to luffy) is not blood related, but is considered his brother. We're just missing his mother, grandmother, and, you know, cousins or something. Please tell me who you think they are!