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How are our Marines?

Fintin October 23, 2010 User blog:Fintin

Everyone's been really hyped up on the changes the SH pirates have gone through over 2 years. But what about Coby, Smoker, Tashigi, Helmeppo, Fullbody and Jango been doing? Last time we saw them, we found out that Coby was developing haki, Smoker and Tashigi were apparently training, and Fullbody and Jango were able to survive the Whitebeard War. For all we know, Coby could be a Captain, Helmeppo a Commander, Smoker a Rear Admiral, Tashigi a Commodore, and Fullbody and Jango Lieutenants. Basically, I believe that Coby at least has been able to significantly raise his rank to at a Marine Officer rank, along with Helmeppo, Jango and Fullbody. I also think that Smoker has at least gotten a higher rank than Commodore, and Tashigi's rank was also raised. I know that I am missing someone, but i just forgot who it was. Basically, I think that everyone's ranks have raised a lot, and they're out to kick some pirate butt.

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