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Now, based on the title, you guys may think that I'm going to make a full scale prediction, with scripts and everything. Well, sadly, I'm not. The reason for that? I just can't really think of any predictions that I could make that would match Oda's future chapter. Kudos to Black Leg Sanji, though, for his cool predictions, and others who also make soe pretty nice predictions. So, here's my prediction:

The chapter starts with Sentoumaru, who's pretty pissed that the SH pirates escaped. He contacts some of his comrades at HQ, tells of the news, and then leaves. Scene cuts to fleet admiral, Aokiji (just guessing) and he thinks about the progression of the SH pirate's strength. He proceeds to raise their bounty. Scene cuts to fishman island, where Jimbei and maybe others will appear (Law and his crew, Hachi, etc.). Then, the attention is drawn to some kidnappers who attempt to kidnap a mermaid. They nearly succeed, until they all faint from a burst of haki, from none other than Luffy, who just arrived with his crew moments ago.

Well, that's my prediction. True, the way i set it up is different, but I just don't think i could truly capture the jokes and scenes that Oda does, in all his glory. Hope you liked it!