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Ok, look. There's been a lot going around about Dragon's power, saying that he's got a storm power devil fruit or something. I just don't think that's true, because you might as well have eaten Enel's devil fruit and gotten thunder based abilities. What I've noticed? Dragon is somehow able to control the weather. At this very moment, Nami is also in Weatheria learning how to make gusts with some string. There wasn't much of a difference there between Dragon's gust that blew away Smoker and the Wizard's squall that almost blew Nami out of her bed. And, on top of that, he is also able to make lightning bolts (we're assuming, since one saved luffy) similar to those that Nami makes with the Perfect Clima-Tact. Now, I'm not saying that he's plagiarizing Usopp or something, but he may not have eaten a devil fruit either. He may have gone to Weatheria. He also seems to have been able to recruit Kuma, so who's saying that he didn't send Dragon flying there once? Better yet, Dragon may have some sort of unknown Haki that is even more rare than Raoshuko or whatever it is. These are just my points of view. Please respond!!!!