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Iiiiiis dying. Well, that's essentially what people (coughdpcough) have been predicting. Personally, I don't think there's any doubt that this anomaly in his careful scrutinization of the current events will make shit hit the fan. Whatever happens from here on out, there's no doubt he's going to split some ulcers. 

Here's where my doubt comes in;

Not only is there the chance that Doflamingo's plan fails, but the possibility that the Gnome's plans failing are high as well. Why? Well, besides the fact that one of the head honchos, Trebol, is guarding Santa-girl, Sugar, meaning that knocking her out will already be difficult, there's also the possibility that Doflamingo finds out what's going on prior to Sugar getting KO'd. In this case, yes, he will be seething, but it's his reaction to this turn of events that I'm curious about. He's supposedly a mastermind, is there something that mastermind brain of his can think of to turn the situation around? You may be saying, "He turned around his resigning from the Shichibukai, he can do this too!" Right? Well, problem with that is even though he managed to pull some strings (that's called a pun, bitches), he had some time to kill back then. This time, it's all happening pretty fast, and stopping it isn't gonna be easy. So how on earth would Doflamingo possibly be able to set things right (for him)? What could possibly stop the Straw Hats and their allies? WHAT?! 

1. CP0

2. Kaido

Sure, it's a long shot, but why not?

For CP0, they're probably still there, why not arrest some heathens that've been really kicking shit up? (Remember the Ox Bell? I bet you they're still pissed.)

As for Kaido, this one's obvious. Some guys trying to destroy a factory and eliminate the propagation of smileys. Come on. Whether or not he's currently there in the trading port, though it's not necessarily guaranteed, it's certainly possible. (by him, I mean some of his subordinates. Him actually being there...that would be just so asinine. -_-)

What do you (coughdpcough) think?