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So I'm guessing Doffy's father and brother were both called Corazón....

that's the whole blog, gtfo


Seems that Doflamingo has different views on citizens than his father and possibly his brother did. From what we've seen in his rant this chapter, he's power hungry and doesn't like peasants or hobos. Also, he's committed both patricide and fratricide, just cuz he didn't like their politics. SUCKS

I was gonna do a whole blog, but I can't think of anything besides my theory that Doffy's gonna die at Kaido's hands at the end of all this. It'll be exactly like this, and I mean verbatim:

Doffy: uuu nuuu i losted my kingdom

Kaido: u fekkin noob I kill u nao cuz u suk and lost ma fruits bytch


  • blood splatters*

That's the end of the spoilers, don't say I didn't warn youuuuuu! :O

k bye