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Since DPitler deleted my last fabulous and perfect blog, I decided to make another one. You ingrates can thank me later. (-_-)

Anyway, Corazón. We dunno what he looks like or anything, but I'm assuming he looks like Doflamingo. If this little silhouette is of him:

Then he REALLY looks like Doflamingo. His name, Corazón, also happens to mean Heart in Spanish. So, I'm guessing he held the Heart seat. Now, the purpose of this blog is for you, the audience, to give me what you think about Corazón's:


Role in the crew

Morals and ideals

How he died

Personally, I think he was a lot like Doflamingo, but less cruel and emphasis on the charisma. I'm thinking he was mainly just the jack-of-all-trades guy in the crew, who would do anything that Doflamingo couldn't whenever he wasn't around, as well as a kind of general manager, who possibly had the heart seat during his time. Again, I think he was basically Doflamingo without the batshit cruelty. I think he died during the last birdcage, where he might have been against Doflamingo beginning a trade with Kaido regarding smiles, and tried to reveal the truth about it to all the citizens, but ended up failing and getting killed. Oh well.


(I use them to feed my younglings in the nest)

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