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Fintin June 10, 2010 User blog:Fintin

First of all, there are many people that the Straw Hats are going to fight, people that are going to be seen in a flashback, and people they are going to meet. Some of these people are:

1. Blackbeard Pirates: fight

2. Lola's Mom: Meet

3. Shiki: Fight

4. Dr. Vegapunk: Meet, and/or fight.

5. Fisher Tiger: Flashback

6. Coby and Helmeppo: meet, then fight, then meet again.

7. Akainu: Fight!!!!

8. Aokiji: Fight?

9. Kizaru: Fight

10. Luffy's Mother+Grandmother: Meet

11. Other 2 Yonkou: Meet, and possibly fight?

12. Shanks: Meet!!!!

13. Monkey D. Dragon: Meet

14. Laboon and Crocus: Meet


These are the ones I can think of, if there are any I missed, please post them, and tell what the Straw Hats will do when they meet up! See ya!

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