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Well, the holidays are coming to a close, and the new year is approaching. It also seems that the climax of the Punk Hazard arc is approaching, what with Monet and the minor problem with blowing up the whole goddamn island and all. So that last chapter had one hell of a cliffhanger. Wasn't sure if another chapter was coming this week? Anyone know? Or if Oda decided to make us wait for another week. Regardless, with the new flood of characters coming in, I think that it's that time of year again when we waste everyone's goddamn time with a voting of our favorite characters of the year. From villains to heros, geniuses to dumbasses, talk about who your favorite character is, why, and why we should care. In addition, for those of you who call Luffy your favorite character, you better have a pretty good reason for him being your favorite character or we will ignore you. In conclusion, for those of you on the wiki who have better things to do, ignore this, and for those of you with absolutely nothing to do, comment. Happy New Year!

p.s. My favorite character is Vegapunk.

Why- He is mysterious, a genius, and basically an unseen badass

Why you should care- Because you know you're just as curious about him as I am