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  • dodges DP's excited rampage* <__<

Since Nova was too blown away by the chapter, I thought I'd ask the questions that are clearly on everyone's minds. If they aren't on your mind, then ur dum and i haet u. (jk i luv u <3)

1. Doflamingo's Decapitation (haha, DD, same initials)

So yeah, there's that. Lot of theories going on that he'll perform surgery on himself or whatever with the strings. So there's that.

2. Sabo

Sabo is a beast, as we just now saw. Now we just need to see if he'll be able to get the mera mera or not. Which is what everyone wants, but doubts, but also is hopeful for, but doesn't know for sure about because Oda is unpredictable as shite.

3. Zoro

Pica and Zoro doesn't seem to be progessing much. It might be that Pica, tired of the conflict, decided to live a life of peace and become one with the wall, passing on his thoughts of wisdom to passerby, as the almighty Enel-sama intended. Or he's just hiding. Either way.

4. There is no 4. Four is dumb.

5. Kyros' age

So, he doesn't look all that much older. Is it just me? He looks relavitely unaged. IS THIS THE POWER OF THE HOBI HOBI?!?! O_o


Dressrossa citizens are just batshit, Sabo is pwning, Doflamingo is basically ded, Luffy and Viola are getting Trafalgar, Zoro is still playing with some rocks, and Sanji's group is still not around. So basically, this shit fest is off the track and out of control. Just how I like it. ( -___-)

That's all, kiddies. Kiss your dogs, or any small animals that happen to be nearby. Or maybe a bug or whatever.