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kinda sad how everyone was sitting around, waiting for the chapter, all this law and dofla hype, all of a sudden "no it's a hiatus go home and fu" and everyone is like

but oh well, it's Oda's business and he'll come around with some more tales of Luffy and his wacky adventures. at least it's not Bleach/Naruto amirite

Whatever, the prediction thing was a half lie, since I don't do the thing where it's basically the script and all that, I usually just predict what'll be happening and how it will affect more chapters to come. So hold on to your butts, and get ready for some action. (-_-)

I'm basically just going to discuss what I think'll go down next chapter, which characters will be highlighted/introduced, and how the plot will really start to come together. You can agree with me if you want cuz ur dumb or disagree and still be dumb. either way, fu and gtfo.


Essentially, it seems pretty clear that we'll have some sort of backstory on Law and his origins, whether it be in a flashback or some kind of semi-flashback, where he's just reminiscing about it and the highlighted events. I'd think the former would be more likely. 

As for Law, I guess we'll just see more of why he was an emo little kid or why he wanted to go all child terrorist and blow shit up. 

As for Corazon, we'll see what kind of guy he was, and hopefully a bit of what his powers were.

As for Doflamingo, we'll just see what he was doing back then, what he was thinking, what he was plotting. Same old villian biz.

I guess that's it for the individual characters... as far as flashback goes, I guess it'll be a format similar to Kyros' flashback to how he became a father and whatnot. Streetrat, gets taken in and becomes respectable, has strong bond with someone, that person is killed, and we have who we have now. Minimal amount of differences.


Until next time,