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Hey hey hey

Quick prediction, here goes:

Doflamingo is in his castle, still biting his nails. Luffy comes up and confronts him.

"Ahahaha, you made it, Straw Hat." *veins popping*

Luffy is flexing his muscles, obviously.

Scene cuts to Sabo and Diamante.

Diamante: I'll destroy you all!

Sugar then falls unconsious.

All of the toys turn into backup dancers for Diamante, Trébol and Pica, who turn into Earth, Wind and Fire.

They then begin dancing and singing "Boogie Wonderland".

Luffy then poops on Doflamingo's face because he is a stupid meanie butt.

Doflamingo explodes and One Piece turns out to be Doflamingo's kidney.

One Piece ends.