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So, pretty interesting chapter. Things that happened/we found out this chapter-

1. Toy Soldier reveals he wants to destroy the factory AND knows the history of Dressrosa. 

2. Bartolomeo does indeed have a barrier fruit (close to what I predicted) and won the block competition.

3. Ricky apparently has dealt with Doflamingo before and happens to have a dull sword, preventing him from winning anything. Also, he's a geezer. 

Well, other things happened too, but those are the basic main events. So, time for some speculation.

1. I'm guessing that the toys were the original inhabitants of the island, spirits of the dead who, by some strange occurence, had their spirits imbued into toys. Toy Soldier, once the king of this now extinct people, saw the development of the kingdom of Dressrosa from the sidelines.

2. Bartolomeo's barrier power is likely something composed of his own energy. So, the more energy he uses, the weaker the barriers are. Not only that, but the greater the force, the more energy Bartolomeo expels in order to keep it repelled. So, there is a limit.

3. Ricky has had some sort of run-in with Doflamingo in the past, and while he once reveled in glory, Doflamingo took him over and had Diamante turn him into some sort of throw-away gladiator to be ridiculed.

Well, that's it for now.

See ya.