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So, I don't make reviews too often, but this chapter was so great I had to make one.

I'll keep it short, though. I'll start off with what we know-

1. Bellamy is back! He's presumably aware of Doflamingo's plan and is trying to even out the playing field for the Donquixote pirates.

2. Burgess is a competitor. He's, presumably, trying to get the mera mera fruit to add on to the list of strong devil fruits the BB pirates have collected.

3. Spartan is no longer a contestant, though many other contestants have come up from various countries, such as Buu, The Funks (love that name), and Dagama. New interesting pirate, Cavendish, has arrived, and maybe the first non-evil character with a hatred for an SH pirate since Duval. 

4. Rebecca, another scantily clad young woman, is in the competition, and is obviously the next SH crewmember. 

Questions that arise-

1. Will Kyros become a big part of the story?

2. What will Cavendish do once Luffy is revealed?

3. Does Blackbeard have fleets now?  And just how strong has Burgess become?

4. Will Bellamy recognize Luffy? And what will happen when/if he does?

5. Will Sanji get laid?

Well, those are my thoughts and questions. See you guys later,