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Well, it's been a reeeeaaaaalllly long time, but I thought i'd post something. You all remember me, right? Fintin? Anyway, I've been thinking of how Shirahoshi got discovered by her subjects, and how Luffy's been blamed with kidnapping. Maybe, so that she isn't threatened anymore, Luffy will find Caribou, beat him up, and have him carry shirahoshi around? Just a thought, I'm not really expecting that to happen, but you never know. Also, I'm kinda worried about Zoro. What will become of him when he fights Hordy? I predict that he'll fight the octopus fishman (forgot his name) but will he be in top physical condition to do so? Last but not least, I think that Luffy will have a relatively easy time defeating Van der Decken. Chopper and Sanji might help out a little too. I feel sorry for Megalo lol. Anyway, see ya.