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Well, it's been disputed about what Luffy's new bounty will be, if he gets one. Many believe that he'll get a 500,000,000 beli bounty, or even a 1,000,000,000 beli bounty. Some think that he'll go only up to about 4000,000,000. Personally, I think that his bounty won't raise any higher than 500,000,000 beli. You know why? Because of one simple thing: the World Government doesn't want to scare the world. I mean, if they gave someone a bounty exceeding 1,000,000,000 beli, wouldn't that rise panic around the world? I strongly believe that his bounty will rise, but the WG is kinda sleazy. They care more about their image than they do about warning people. Just look at all the escapees from Impel Down. They're not even going to warn the world of that, and keep it all covered up, just to keep their image of being strong and trustworthy. So I really doubt that they'll make the bounty so high that people will actually be afraid of Luffy when they see him. It probably would've risen a long time ago, after he defeated Moria, but since there were no witnesses (other than Lola and her crew), the WG kept it a secret that Moria was actually defeated. They couldn't raise his bounty anyway, because it'd look suspicious if Luffy's bounty raised for no reason. But, I've stated my point. Luffy's bounty will raise, but only by at least 100,000,000 beli. That's my point of view. Feel free to state yours!!!

How high will it raise?]

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