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Bellamy's Current Whereabouts

Fintin April 17, 2014 User blog:Fintin

Yeah, so at least half of you were wondering it, I figured I'd bring it up.

Bellamy! Where is he?

Basically, we know that he was about to be offed by Dellinger, only to be saved by Bartolomeo. Doflamingo apparently wanted to have him killed, but thanks to Barto, we still have the character we thought died like 500 chapters ago. YAY!

After that, he went off about "I have my own path to follow, blah blah, yellow brick road", something like that. That's all we know up to this point.

My questions for you lovely tykes is where is he? What's he doing? What will he be doing? What'll happen to his ideals, morals, virginity  etc. by the end of this arc? How will he react to Doflamingo's effective usurpation? What'll he do after all this? WILL HE DIE AGAIN?!

So yeah, talk about it below, or don't. I don't care. ~__~ *sits in the corner and pouts*

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