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Basis of Ito Ito no Mi

Fintin March 31, 2014 User blog:Fintin

So, like my last blog, let's talk about fruits, because I have literally nothing more of interest to talk about.


Anyway, Ito Ito. It's strings.

What kind of string is it? Clearly, he can make various different kinds (at least in color).

Can he use entirely different materials to....weave them? (Do you weave string? >_>) What's his limit as to how thick/thin a string is? 

Another fun idea: can he use the old string/soup can form of communication?

For those of you who were never children and don't know what I'm talking about, it's a sophisticated form of communication that's spanned generations. It appears below:

Fascinating. ~_~

So, how cool would it be for Doflamingo to use soup cans and his own string. That would be the best thing since ever. (remembers Den Den Mushi) ........ ;_;

Here's another idea; does Doflamingo make his own clothes. Like, is he able to rapidly create fashionware, and how good at it is he. THESE ARE PRESSING MATTERS, PEOPLE.

Finally, the clouds. All I hear nowadays is "how does he fly with the clouds on string". Well, either all of the people asking about it has gotten me curious, or I just need to make this blog seem a little less asinine. EITHER WAY, whether or not its influenced by material (or color, in his case), thickness, and/or texture of string (maybe its made in a way that lets the string....hook onto water droplets?) Who knows.

That's all for now, children. Be on your merry way, now.

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