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So, after the conclusion of last week's chapter, we can all assume that Caesar's face will be non-existent. All the enemies are gone, hooray. But what happens next? I predict that maybe, with Caesar's ability to suck up other gasses into his body (does that include farts?) he might still be alive after Luffy's attack, in which he'll retaliate with a Moria-like final attack, suck up all the gas on the island, and be one fat-ass Caesar until Luffy beats him up. Let's assume that does happen. What happens after that? Ok guys, show's over, let's go get Big Mam? Go home kids, the marines will take you? See ya, samurai and son? What?

It may be I'm not noticing some bigger, obvious story in the making. I guess that this storyline resembles the small Drum Island story that took place during the Crocodile arc, minus the Chopper, and that Big Mam's arc will be after this story, but I dunno, I really can't see what's happening after this. I guess this is a good thing, as Oda's stories are getting more and more unpredictable (at least for me). Tell me what you guys think.